“Sometimes we are called far and wide on a mission, but more often we are called to love others in our everyday, ordinary lives…right where we live: in our own front yards.” Kristen Schell

Part life story, part “how-to” book The Turquoise Table is full of self-reflective quizzes, recipes, activities, and suggestions on how you can begin to be more connected to family and friends right where you are.

Small things like banning electronics from the dinner table will help create boundaries to be more present with family. By giving family members the undivided attention they deserve a standard will be set on how to treat each other.

When space is created for conversation it allows for people to speak deeply. To be unhurried. Brave conversation invites questions about God, relationships, and future dreams. The brave conversation begins when trust is cultivated. Trust is built in time.

Although some of the suggestions in Kristin Schell suggests (like having a picnic table in the front yard) aren’t going to be doable for everyone, the premise shouldn’t be ignored. We all live incredibly busy lives and yet many people wish to pair things down and slow down. To simplify.  I love that Schell reminds us that often, the things we crave are directly addressed in scripture. Romans 12:13 “Take every opportunity to open your life and home to others.”

I think that much of this book reflects the ideas that are presented with IF:Table. Still, The Turquoise Table is a little less structured, a little more frequent, and a has a lot more variety.

Favorite Tip: Set aside everyday supplies for “Turquoise Table Time

Favorite Recipe to Try: Old Fashioned Almond Sheet Cake (pg 191-192)

Favorite Suggestion: Choose Hospitality

If you’ve found yourself looking for new ways to be hospitable this book will be a great resource to you. Perhaps a gift for your favorite neighbor who is always inviting the kids over for cookies, or the college graduate setting off on their own. There is someone in your life who will find The Turquoise Table inspiring and encouraging. Maybe that someone is you.

In exchange for an honest review, I was given a free copy of this book via BookLookBloggers. The opinions expressed are my own.


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