I’m writing over at Daughters of the Deep today: Perspective in the Desert

Here’s a preview:

I stopped dusting and sat amazed. Bones was on in the background, and a short conversation between Angela and Dr. Brennen reminded me perspective in the wilderness is key in any circumstance. Mostly the conversation when like this:

Dr. Brennan: I can’t trust my eyes in the desert. What is near looks far away and what is far away looks close.

Angela: You can never trust your eyes alone in the desert. That’s why you don’t go into the desert alone.

Although this was not referencing a spiritual desert, I couldn’t help but apply the analogy. When I first started to learn about the term “wilderness” in relation to our spiritual lives, I was lead to believe that these seasons were built in isolation.  At first glance, it can seem that this is true, that times in the wilderness are experienced alone.

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