29527162Beth Moore is one of my favorite non-fiction authors, so I was curious to read her first published fiction work. I’m not a huge fiction reader as you can tell from my book reviews, but after Write 31 Days I was ready for a something a little different.

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is the story of a grandmother and granddaughter brought together through the meddling of grandmother Olivia’s assistant.

Saint Silvanus has been converted from a church to a home. Throughout the novel, two stories are told that of the beginnings of the church Saint Silvanus, and the present goings on in and around Saint Sans, the church converted into a boarding house.

The story took me a bit to get into. It felt a bit slow to unfold, but as the characters develop the personalities shine through. Beth Moore’s writing paints a clear picture with specific details that allow the reader to picture each scene completely. The majority of the story takes place in New Orleans, but it didn’t seem to me that the location was critical to the story. A few details here or there tied New Orleans in, but otherwise, things could have easily occurred in multiple other places.

I found the ending satisfying, and would certainly read a sequel if some characters like Jillian and Oliva’s stories were extended. As far as fiction goes, this was a great relaxing read. I often reserve fiction for the beach or a road trip, and this one would be perfect for either.

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