I pushed November’s Save this Link so I could participate in What I Learned with Emily P. Freeman. Check out yesterday’s post for more information on the quarterly series.

November had a great variety of inspiring links.


Have you watched Lisa Harper’s Adoption story on Today yet? SO, So worth your time!

Lysa TerKeurst and Chris Hodges did a great Facebook video live: As Christians, how do we stand firm but also love well in a culture of compromise? Join Pastor Chris Hodges and me as we dig into what Scripture tells us!


Living back in the Midwest I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of this article. MIDWESTERN NICE: A TRIBUTE TO A SINCERE AND SUFFOCATING WAY OF LIFE

I love when an article puts words to my inner rumblings before I fully understand them! NEW MIDLIFE CRISIS Why (and How) It’s Hitting Gen X Women 

10 Hot Drinks for a Cold Day is a REALLY unique list! I’m on the hunt for lemongrass.

Beth Moore always writes exactly what I need to hear. After reading Waking and Responding to an Unwanted Era all I can say is yes and amen.


I loved Christine Caine on Lead Stories Podcast with Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph

Annie Downs did a 2 part one week that was really great, but if I have to pick one I say #60 with Emerson Eggerichs is a must listen.

What did you save this month? I’d love to know!


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