2018 Goals and PowerSheets Stratey

2018 Goals and PowerSheets Stratey

This year my One Word is shifting in a way that feels like a complete 180 degrees from the 2017 word Still. I’ll explain more about my 2018 One Word in January. For now, I’m going to let you in on part of the heart preparation that I have been focusing on intentionally.

“Living on purpose turns comparison and coveting into compassion and cheering on.” Lara Casey

Living on Purpose in 2018

Living on purpose is always the goal, but without intentional focus, resolutions can quickly fall apart. What I love about the PowerSheets system is that it begins with asking the question Who am I really? The encouragement is to think beyond a job title.

A cultivated life isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing specific things well. “Good goals are about cultivating what you’ve been given well.” Cultivating a life lived on purpose includes answering why not simply what. There are a lot of great things that sound important or noble, but they are not within the skills and gifting of the people attempting to accomplish them.

Big Picture

S.M.A.R.T. goals are always going to have a greater chance of success because they are written with specifics at the root. PowerSheets helps to take specific goals and break them down into actionable steps.

This year my goals will sit under a few umbrellas:

  • Physical health
  • Spiritual health
  • Intentional investment in relationships
  • Career and skill development (writing)


Each goal includes actionable and measurable tasks that are broken into three categories. Monthly, weekly, and daily aspects of goals will help to ensure my focus stays on cultivating well.

Here’s an example:

Big Picture Goal: I will focus on my physical health including exercise, water intake and dietary because hypothyroidism is a serious condition. To live my best life my physical health cannot be ignored.

  • Monthly: Doctors appointments
  • Weekly: meal plan and freezer cook to minimize unhealthy meals
  • Daily: cardiac and strength training exercise, food tracking via My Fitness Pal

What I love about PowerSheets is that each month includes space for evaluation and tending. Progress however small should be acknowledged. There is always space for adjustments as life becomes busier, but this system helps to keep the eye on the prize.

As the big picture referred back to bite-size pieces chip away and the larger goal. Since the goals and action steps all point to a why and what the ability to invest in the process becomes just as important as the end result.