22 Month Thyroid Update

living with hypothroidism

I’ve given enough information about my Thyroid that as we wrap up 2015 I felt a summary of my journey to fuller health was important.  Since getting my A1C lower this is my first picture.

If I’m being completely honest I have to say that I don’t really recognize either of these pictures as me.  My weight gain came on so quickly with the last 15 or so pounds that there are very few pictures of my like this, although there are plenty 15-20 pounds lighter than this as I fluctuated for about 10 years.  It’s hard to remember to pick up the M instead of the XL and it still surprises me every time something fits.

My hair is still limper than I would like, although it is no longer falling out in clumps.  Biotin has been a great help with my hair and nails, although my nails are still brittle at times too.

My energy level is a little lower than months 6-15. Although part of that is likely stress related, my schedule has increased so I am more active AND I think it’s also reasonable to say that my body has adjusted slightly to the medicine range and “settled into a new normal”

Exercise has become a must, usually an hour is spent between cardio, weights, abs and stretching.  On days I have a full schedule I’ll just do cardio or even skip, although those days are rare.

Reaction changes have been interesting.  I had several months of extremely heavy periods with large clots (sorry if that’s TMI).  Surgery was even suggested by my OB/GYN.  I am thankful I delayed surgery though.  Things have evened out and it my doctors seem to agree that this was an example of compensation.  Certain body systems were used to having to work harder than they do now and needed time to slow down.

Food Sensitivities have increased.  Dairy has always been an issue for me (thank God for cashew milk and ice cream!) but it seems now that gluten is also a thing to be cautious with.  There are studies with links between thyroid and gluten.  I think the timing on this mostly has to do with my dietary changes eliminating gluten.  It has become easier for me to distinguish when I have stomach aches instead of just feeling achy all the time.

Daily Pill intake. This one has been the most interesting to me.  I always took a multivitamin, but at the insistence of my Endocrinologist have switched to Alive Vitamins.  After about 9 months of consistently taking these I am no longer vitamin deficient as I had been for at least 8 years.  At my Endocrinologist’s insistence my daily intake is: magnesium, Alive multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin B6, Biotin, flaxseed oil, and time release melatonin when needed (maybe 3 times a month).  Yes, this is a lot of pills.  Yes I think they are helping me.  I can tell when I’ve gone a few days without something.

Naps still occur occasionally.  If I have to many busy days in a row it’s inevitable I’ll need a day to recuperate. I believe that is something that isn’t going to go away.  Learning how to balance my calendar is still a work in progress.

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