On YouTube and Revival

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Our 11-year-old recently discovered worship music on YouTube. Although I’m not thrilled with all that YouTube holds it’s hard to argue with this aspect. The other day I was in the kitchen cooking, and Elijah say “Hey mom, do you remember this song? Why don’t we sing it anymore?”

In the summer of 2013, our family moved from Southern IL to Southwest VA. As the boys and I drove out Burning In My Soul on the Passion CD became our anthem. We were moving sight unseen to a new home where the only people we knew were was the family moving with us. Ordell had moved out six weeks prior as usually happens in football families and we followed as quickly as packing up a home of 10 years could happen.

I had repeatedly explained as we packed boxes in between good-byes to the only friends out boys had known that God was calling our family to a new ministry and we were moving as an act of obedience. As this song played on repeat, our conversation turned to prayer. Prayer for our new team to love Jesus, to love Ordell and to love each other. We prayed for the campus to have a renewed love for Jesus. We prayed for the town to surrender in new ways to seek a relationship with our savior. Elijah was eight at the time, and although he was familiar with prayer I wasn’t sure the concepts of revival or those we prayed for were completely understood. Still, he prayed with me for the football players to love Jesus.

A few weeks after our arrival in VA our family was driving somewhere and Burning In My Soul once again came on. Ordell went to change it, and I stopped him. This is our song for Bluefield isn’t it boys? Their sweet voices came from the back seat singing along as we once again prayed for our team.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to answer Elijah’s question. Why had we stopped listening to that song? My first thought was that new CD’s replaced that Passion CD and it was lost in a pile. As I reflect on things now, I think that song became too hard to sing in the depths of the wilderness we experienced that first year and a half. It was hard to pray for revival for others when the reality was it felt as if my prayers fell on deaf ears. As we distanced ourselves from the wilderness that song was forgotten, which makes me wonder if that was part of satan’s strategy all along.

Here’s the thing, though, that prayer didn’t get canceled out simply because we stopped praying or even because it was forgotten. God doesn’t forget, and he honors the cries of our hearts. In the past years since that road trip, a stirring has come to our area. Last month teenagers at our church led over two hundred of their classmates to a relationship with Jesus. On our campus, a new energy is present with our recently hired Director of Spiritual Formation. Our women’s Bible study leaders this summer felt a unanimous stirring to figure out ways to encourage their peers to whole-heartedly pursue Jesus on a deeper level and have taken steps to do that. I can’t explain it except to say we are on the cusp of something. God is moving, and the results are evident.

I’ve pulled my CD back out and put it on the top of the stack in the car. This will again become our Bluefield anthem, and we will also thank God for all the ways he has already answered our prayers. We aren’t the only family praying for revival for our community or our campus. I believe the prayers of many are what has stirred God’s heart to move at this time. I’m thankful to be present to witness it and even grateful our boys are at an age where they will remember this as well.

“Burning In My Soul”

There is power, power
Here in this hour, this hour
We’re all together, together
Waiting here as oneWhoa, hear the sound from Heaven
Whoa, a mighty rushing wind
Whoa, we’re calling for revival
God let Your fire fall again


It’s burning in my soul…

All Your sons and Your daughters
Dreaming the dreams of the Father
Seeing the signs and the wonders
The Kingdom of God

I cannot contain it
This fire inside
I cannot contain it
So let it shine
I cannot contain it
This light of mine