7 Tips on Blogging

7 blogging tips

I’m posting over at SMA Marketing today. Since blogging is a favorite subject of mine I thought I’d link my work post here as well. 7 Tips to Creating Stronger Blog Content

Here’s a Preview:

When it comes to creating the best content for my blog, there is one phrase that keeps me focused. We need to create content with a purpose. With two million blog posts going up daily, it’s possible to get lost in the crowd. The blogs that draw the largest crowds of readers have more than fancy logos. They have content filled with personality that is engaging and informative. Here are several tips to help you create content that will rise above the noise.

7 Tips to Create Stronger Blog Content

#1 Develop Your Ideas

Spend time creating a list of topics to write on. You will want to make sure they are relevant to the subject you have created your blog around. That being said, this shouldn’t be a hard thing. You are an expert in your subject matter, which is why you started your blog in the first place! There isn’t an exact science to creating a content subject list, but hopefully, these ideas will help you get started.

  • Google your topic and see what comes up
  • Quora will give you insight into the questions people are asking
  • Read what others are saying about your subject
  • Read a variety of authors unrelated to what you would like to blog on
  • Take a subject and divide it out into more specific items to present
  • Research, research, research and continue to be an expert on your chosen area of focus

Taking time to dive deep into your subject matter as well as what others are writing about will help you to think broadly about a variety of topics. Inspired writers write. You may find that your view opposes current information on a different blog. You might discover you have additional information that hasn’t yet been presented. Regardless of what you learn, positioning yourself to be inspired will help you develop strong content.  You can read the rest of the post over at SMA Marketing