Introducing Embracing Holy Interruptions

A 2020 report reveals that Generation Z values discipleship. 85% of surveyed students who have two to four adult mentors and 91% of those who have five or more adult mentors reported their life has meaning and purpose. The more mentors someone has, the more meaning they believe their life … Read More

How to Embrace Holy Interruptions

Those of us who have grown up in the evangelical church have learned, whether directly or indirectly, that “real” ministry requires significant sacrifice. For some reason, we seem convinced that the work of the Great Commission should only occur beyond the borders of the United States. Yet, there are people … Read More

Lessons from the Sidelines

Lessons from the Sidelines Beth Walker is an author, speaker, a football coach’s wife and mom of two energetic boys. She strives to encourage those around her to pursue their best lives in Jesus whether she is near the game field, in church, or at the local coffee shop. As … Read More

Podcast Interview: Dauntless Grace

I loved my intentional conversation with Deedra and Megan. While I’ve known Megan for almost 2 decades now, it was my first time speaking with Deedra and I loved her insights about mentoring. We chatted about Embracing Holy Interruptions, the Enneagram, why we need to put a little more effort … Read More