A Few of My Favorite Things -Spring 2019

A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite products and with spring in the air it feels like the perfect time to give a shout out some oldies and new items just in time for longer days and warmer afternoons.


To start I’m loving these high waisted yoga pants I found at Kohl’s. Working at home I basically live in black yoga pants all winter, which means after a few years it was time to replace the ones with holes. The boot cut is also flattering making these my new favorite yoga pants.

Tops with hoods are another new favorite. I’ve found a few adorable variations, but this one from Cuddle Dud is the perfect spring weight. It’s a great length and perfect for layering.

Gluten-Free Food

Gratify Everything Thins

These are the perfect snack for the soccer field, which is where we’ll be spending most of our weekends this spring.

Since they are flat they hold dip well and the seasoning is full so they are great on their own too!

Brownie Mug Cakes from Udi are also a great treat to have on hand. With gluten-free things up until now, individual baked goods have been rare but we all want a little dessert every now and then and these are the perfect solution.

Hummustir is another option I’m loving for small servings. This shelf-stable hummus option is great on the go choice for a healthy gluten-free meal.

Essential Oils

I’m loving a few new oils from doTerra these days. I’ve switched up my daily routine some and have added Tumeric and Pink Pepper to the mix.

With Spring Cleaning I’m so happy to have On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is ready and available! Check out the other ways we’re using essential oils here.

Budget Saving Tips

The last thing I’m loving these days is shopping locally. We stopped our Amazon Prime account and so far there hasn’t been a need to go back. It’s amazing how many fewer things we “need” when we don’t have Amazon to browse. Additionally, free shipping is available pretty much everywhere these days. Without Prime we’re doing much more price comparison shopping and saving money that way too.

What are you loving this spring?