A High School Summer

Thoughts Form the Sidelines


In our house, we are usually counting down the days to summer for several reasons. A break from school is one of them, but we are also hoping for a little more time with our coach. After a spring of practices and recruiting we are protective of our summer weekends.

This year we transitioned from college to high school and our calendar is completely different. Practices have run all summer long the majority of the calendar weeks. Our weekends have been filled with family time, visitors, rest, and travel. We’ve been able to be spontaneous, spend time together during the day uninterrupted, and attend a 7 on 7 scrimmage.

Our season will transition from summer practice to pre-season camp with a few days of a break which we’ve filled with FCA camp. By the time our last game is played this fall formal practices will have begun 5-6 months prior.

Even with these differences, there are more similarities to our family routine than changes. The life of a football coach is time-consuming and intense. But it is also a calling we do not take lightly.

So we will embrace our summer filled with practices and look forward to vacation over Spring Break…without recruiting!