About Me

“In ‘Friday Night Lights,’ the relationship between the coach and his wife, that marriage was something that you couldn’t really understand until you actually saw it exist on film.” 

Jason Katims

I’ve never seen a Friday Night Lights episode. Instead, I’ve lived the #footballwifelife for close to two decades. As the wife of a football coach and mom to two energetic boys, I’ve discovered God has gifted me with a passion to cheer others on from the sidelines of the football field and life. I am passionate about inspiring women to pursue their calling and thrive in their purpose.

Our life may seem chaotic at times, stressful more often than not, but underneath the surface is a family committed to a life of ministry, growing, learning, failing, and succeeding. This is your invitation to join us on the sidelines.

As a writer, I’m striving to find my own voice through pursuing Jesus and intentionally living on mission:

Inspiring women to pursue their calling and thrive in their purpose.

I am created and called to express my faith through love, especially by:

  • Partnering with my husband to serve and mentor those whom God places in our path
  • Opening our home and providing a safe and welcoming environment. 
  • Raising our sons to glorify God and follow him first.
  • Writing and speaking truth and encouragement into the hearts of those God places in my path, meeting them where they are, and walking alongside them until our journeys’ part.
  • Loving deeply, living fully, hoping wildly so that I will enter heaven and hear, “My child, your obedience delighted me daily.”
Lessons from the Sidelines