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Have you ever wondered what happens when life situations prevent you from achieving your dreams? You may find yourself on stage like Alyssa DeLosSantos or guiding a movement that challenges people to focus on kindness.

Alyssa DeLosSantos Sow Kind Movement

Meet Alyssa One of Many Wives Who Thrives

Alyssa is a Jesus lover, hope hunter, and storyteller. She loves her husband, her three children, her dog, and her friends {in that order}. Books, old windows, clean floors, intentional conversations, and metaphors are on her list, but she prefers not to say where. She holds the award of best driver in town, as issued by her husband who happens to also think she should open her own driving school! When she’s not juggling laundry, acting as the family cruise director, or discovering the best gluten-free cookie recipe, you can often find her sitting in her cul-de-sac enjoying community with her neighbors-turned-friends. She is a classroom teacher by training but spends most of her time outside the classroom meeting friends at quaint coffee shops, talking nonstop about the #sowkind movement, teaching at conferences and retreats, drafting blog posts that sometimes get published, and watching way too many Dateline reruns. She is a contributing author for A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions That Meet You in Your Everyday Mess.

I think it’s safe to say Alyssa has a lot on her plate! Her “day job” is teaching, however, today we’ll be focusing on her side hustle which Alyssa describes as a hashtag movement of kindness.

I asked Alyssa what part of her career she is most passionate about and why. She was clear she isn’t simply tolerating her day job too. Alyssa explained the reason she’s a teacher is due (in large part) to her high school English teacher and she loves teaching and encouraging students.

Alyssa explained “Childhood trauma kept me from really dreaming. Once I began teaching, I recognized the gift of leadership I had. While I never dreamed of teaching or starting a movement of kindness, there’s nothing I would rather be doing!”

The #sowkind movement

Interestingly, as important as the #sowkind movement is, Alyssa explains that the idea came together by chance. You can read more here. But I’ll give you a preview.

I’ve had an idea ruminating in my mind for several weeks. While dusting my floors (because I’m a little neurotic about floors), a random phrase popped in my head. Five minutes and the cost of a stamp. What? After a few minutes of contemplating the meaning, I decided to write it down. As soon as I wrote it down, two more phrases emerged.

Five minutes and the cost of a stamp.

Low cost. High return.

Movement of kindness.

I liked each of the phrases but I had no idea what it meant, how it all fit together, or what to do with it. As the words continued to occupy every waking thought, I decided to share the idea aloud with all manner of unsuspecting people. Every time I shared, another piece of the puzzle seemed to fall into place.

#sowkind mission

The #sowkind movement needs willing people to carry the ripple of kindness into their communities. We might not be able to change (THE) world, but we can impact OUR world one kind word at a time!

Can I join the fun?

You sure can! Select someone to encourage {tell them how much you appreciate your friendship, share a treasured memory, affirm the way they use their strengths to help others, etc.}, carve out five minutes to write out your thoughts, and put that labor of love in the mail. Don’t forget to include #sowkind within the letter or on the envelope. It will invite your recipient to explore {and hopefully join} the movement!!

Q & A

What is your best advice for someone wanting to start a movement like this?

Get a strong team of people to surround you, encourage you, and help you see through the weeds!

Do you have any tips to share about balancing work and the rest of life?

Is balance a thing? LOL!! (Fair enough Alyssa, fair enough 🙂 )

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