And Then He Was 12

super Elijah Dear Elijah,

This week you turn 12 and as I say most years it’s hard to believe it’s already been 12 years since you joined our family. And yet, this year you have developed a maturity that reminds me daily you are no longer a baby.

Elijah, I’m so proud of the young man you are becoming. You haven’t lost your compassion for others, but you have become must wiser about your interactions.

Where once you accepted everyone’s words as truthful you’ve learned to double-check a few things, and I’m thankful your dad and I have earned enough trust to be the ones to help you figure out truth from fiction.

You have walked through the past few months with a calmness and acceptance that has helped our transition in more ways than you could begin to understand. I’m so proud of the way you walked into your new school. When your guidance counselor asked if you were ready for the day your response is one that has stuck with me. “I’m ready because I don’t have a choice, so let’s go.” That son was true bravery, and I pray that continues to grow in you.

Elijah, as I’ve prayed for you these past few months, a growing sense has come upon me that God is seeking your whole heart right now. These years will be filled with more choices and freedoms than you’ve experienced before and it’s time to make a choice.

What will your foundation be? How will you discern what is true and false in these coming months? Who will be your first love?

We are praying for you son. These begin the years of further independence. May all your decisions glorify God, and when they don’t will you be overwhelmed by the grace you have already received.

Family Photo