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Have you ever felt deep down you were called to do something? Have you observed someone thriving in their career and thought how easy and fun something looked only to later discover pursuing the career requires extra education? Have you talked yourself out of pursuing something because you’ve convinced yourself it’s too late?

Meet Andrea One of Many Wives Who Thrive

Andrea is a wife of over three decades, a mom to three married adult children, and a Gimi to a gaggle of incredible grandchildren. She finds joy in her family, grace in her friends, beauty in every story, purpose in the sunrise, and wonder in my travels. Andrea describes herself as an adventurous survivor who finds hope for this earthly life in Colossians 1:17 which says, “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (NASB)

Andrea is currently living a unique adventure. I asked her to share about her current career and she said, “It would be safe to say my life’s vocation is that of a wife and mom, and now Gimi, with a spirit of entrepreneurship tossed into the mix. I have always enjoyed finding ways to take care of my family while making a little pocket money or cushioning the budget in times when we needed a bit of extra. I am currently working remotely as an empty nester and full-time RV’er. As I work toward writing and publishing my own work to encourage and walk alongside women as we navigate our bumpy paths, I am a freelance writer, content creator, and proofreader.”

What part of your career are you most passionate about and why?

As you can imagine, freelancing can pair well with travel, but Andrea does have to plan ahead! When I asked her about what she’s most passionate about with her career here’s what she said, “I thoroughly enjoy the freedom to work from wherever in the world I find myself and to do it mostly on my own timeline and at my own pace. Does this make me a 52-year-old Millenial? I place a high value on travel and adventure, but with my freelance work, as long as I have frequent access to the internet, I can get my work done–and often I work from somewhere with a gorgeous view. Through our amazing technological advances, I enjoy the opportunities available to work remotely and to do what I enjoy doing while making some money at it.”

Is remote work sounding appealing? Check out my growing list of resources here.

Why did you choose your niche? 

“From childhood, I have enjoyed words. The expression of them in poetry and writing songs was a formative way to help me process my big feelings and sensitivities. As an adult, I’ve since learned how to manage this part of my life in a healthier way and much of that journey has included words–words in songs, words in books, words in blogs, etc. I identify as a Christ-follower first, but I relate to being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), a Counter-Phobic, Enneagram 6w5 (training to become a Certified Enneagram Coach), an introvert, an empath, and a survivor. A true depiction of my passion for encouraging others through words, writing, and proofreading is in this quote by Dawson Trotman, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the fingertips.” This is a proven process in my life, so I assume that in sharing pieces of my stories, I might encourage others in their stories as well.”

I also asked Andrea “When you dreamed of the ideal career where your strengths, passions, gifts, and talents would connect did you think you would be doing what you are doing? How are things the same/different?” I loved her thoughtful and thorough response:

“Well, my ideal career was always being a mom. I knew I would be good at it and I loved children and wanted seven of my own. As God would have it, I only had three. As I’ve learned about myself, I can see where much of this longing came from my spiritual gift of hospitality. I simply love caring for others and especially when those others are my offspring. I will always be a mom but with adult children, my parenting role has ended. I entered the world of blogs when they first became a thing. I fell in love with the online community. I then began doing what I came to call “cyber hospitality”. Helping others find things in foreign countries, sharing our family stories to either give a mental break to others in theirs or to encourage them to keep going, fed my soul. For someone who has spent most of her life moving and living in foreign countries, finding community in online space has been an invaluable gift to me. I know there are others out there who feel the same way. This fuels my passion and commitment to continue on in the world of caring for others by way of cyber hospitality.”

What I love is that Andrea understands God’s unique design for her life and she’s continuing to find ways to evolve and grow so she can continue to thrive in her passions. As a coach’s wife, I really appreciate Andrea’s passion for hospitality. While we’re not traveling overseas, her ministry helping others find things when they are in unfamiliar spaces is such a blessing.

Balancing Work and Life

I asked Andrea for tips on work/life balance and here’s what she said, “Oh, I’ve come to really dislike the word balance. I may change my mind someday but, to me, it seems like I’ve longed for but it’s a dangling carrot I’ll never ever be able to reach. But rhythm? Rhythm is where I think it’s at for me. Where balance is measurable, rhythm feels like a song. I could go on and on about this topic but Rebekah Lyons has already written the book. I encourage anyone who is chasing after the ever-elusive balance carrot, to read Rhythms of Renewal. She lays out the path of staying in a rhythm of renewal through, ‘rest, restore, connect, and create’. “

Any Final Words?

Andrea’s final (and most thoughtful) words for us were these: “If anyone looked at my life’s history, you would not see higher education, degrees, skills, training, or anything that would qualify me for the work that I do now. I have fought hard to survive and thrive in my world where much of what has happened has happened TO me, not through me. I am most proud of myself for staying true to my faith and battling through hardships and fears; knowing what I wanted and full-out going for it. I share my life with as many as will listen (or read) because I want you to be proud of yourself in this same way. Friend, I know you can because I know I can!”

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