Anniversary 15

Anniversary 15

I’ve never been good at long-term plans. I had no idea what year 15 would look like when we said our “I do’s”.  Because of that, I can’t say I’m surprised by the most recent chapter of our adventure, still, I find myself pausing to soak in the reality of our current state more often than I imagine most do.

This year’s highlights include:

  • another move (closer to campus)
  • watching both our boys get baptized
  • a much-needed beach vacation
  • work successes and disappointments for both of us
  • a new car (we said goodbye to the car purchased a few months before the wedding!)
  • settling into a church
  • ministry joys
  • transitions that drew us closer to each other
  • the realization we continue to learn about ourselves and each other

In the coming months, we will experience another football season, middle school with Elijah and many other things I’m not aware of.  We will practice communication skills, do our best to serve each other and chase God through it all.  If it is possible to have a routine in the unknown then I think we are in that cycle.  We will encounter challenges, we will experience successes, and we will have our times of just cruising through the weeks.  Here’s the thing, though, the we is not a question or a dream. It’s an expectation.  It’s the routine in our 15 years entering the unknown.

This trust and intimacy of the “confident we” is the result of battles won when giving up was the easier option.  I do not for a second take the blessing of “we” for granted and I know you don’t either.  It’s because we don’t take the last 15 for granted the expectation of tackling the next 15 together feels like a given to me.

Thank you for the opportunity to adventure together, I have no doubt my life is richer for it!