AFCWA 2014 Convention Recap

What a great week we had last week.  5 days away from our kiddos was just a bit too long, but knowing they were is awesome hands allowed us to relax, catch up with friends and spend some time being reminded of why we do what we do.

Highlights for me:

Sunday evening at Fellowship of Christian Athletes we were able to listen to several coaches and wives talk about a variety of subjects.  I so appreciated the boldness of the wives when asked questions such as “how do you keep Christ in the center of your relationship during the season?”  I think they spoke for every woman in the crowd when they said things like “include your wife” and “pray together.”

Also at FCA, I stood and watched my husband in a group of 15 coaches all of whom he coached as players, coached with or went to college with and realized it’s happening!  Biblical Football is growing!

Monday we had the chance to sit in buzz sessions about the coaching life.  Everything from a ref coming in to remind us of penalties to tailgating to sitting with wives from around the country and hearing about different challenges and victories from across the US.

Monday afternoon we had an excellent luncheon and heard from Barbara Dooley.  Whether you are in the coaching profession or not, you would love this lady.  We laughed for a whole hour!

Tuesday it was time to relax, shop, catch up with coaches and pick out clothing for this coming season!

Overall, convention, yet again, allowed us the chance to be encouraged, rest, spend some time together and move forward.