Best Apps for the Busy Wife

best apps for busy wife

The older our boys get the more time I spend away from the house running them around during prime working hours. Of course, this also means I’m always looking for things to do while I’m waiting around for the next game to start or practice to end. Today I’m sharing my favorite apps for time management and keeping our family organized. I’m also highlighting the apps that keep me grounded.

Plan to Eat

I love this menu planning app for so many reasons. First, it syncs with the desktop software so you always have the most up-to-date versions of your meal plans available. Additionally, not only are the menus listed, the recipes are linked as well.

The app tracks how often you’ve made a recipe recently so you can vary your menu and creates a shopping list.

Google Keep

This app continues to be my favorite all in one list and note creation app. It syncs with your Google Drive, so you always have a backup. You can share notes which makes things like a shared grocery list very conveninent and the notes are color coded so you can easily identify which is which.

Libby and Hoopla

Audiobooks are my new favoite ways to keep up with “reading”. Of course, it would be best to read but with an every growing list of books I really want to read audiobooks have been great for when I’m exercising or on long drives. I love that I can check books out from our library using both these apps!

Love Nudge

This is a new one that I’m not using as often as I should, but it when I set reminders it’s really helpful. If you know your spouse’s love langage this app allows you to set reminders to take action to serve them in practical ways they will appreciate. You can also set your own goals.


Catching up with my girlfriends is so much easier with Voxer. I can leave texts, voicemails, and images all in one space and they can get back to me when they have time. I love that the app is separate from social media since I am on social so much for work. It’s nice to have a space that’s just for catching up and “chatting” with the girls.

Google Play

I’ve been using this app for podcasts and I think it’s the easiest one. I know most people prefer Stitcher or iTunes, but for me, less is more. One less app means fewer things to hunt through when I’m looking to start listening. The app downloads my favorite podcasts automatically and brings the newest ones to the top so I can quickly select the most recently published content.

Keeping track of everyone’s activities still takes place on Google Calendars and Gmail which makes things easy for everyone to access.

IF: Gathering

IF is a great Bible study tool that is part of the IF: Gathering conference tools. The IF:Gathering was founded by Jennie Allen. Having this content on an app rather than in my email is a great way to keep me from being distracted as I focus on my daily devotional.

Well, there you have it! My favorite apps for keeping meals, lists, podcasts and books organized.

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