The Best Podcasts for Coaches’ Wives

Do you love podcasts as much as I do? One of the best parts about working from home is that I don’t have to worry about bothering a co-worker in an adjacent office space. Whether I’m in my home office, out for a walk, or running errands I’m more likely to listen to a podcast than the radio and the same 5 songs on repeat. Recently there have been so many new podcasts produced by coaches’ wives for coaches’ wives coming out that I thought it was time to help get the word out about all these amazing women! I’m also including my favorite one that’s all sports.

Here are The Best Podcasts for Coaches’ Wives

The Coach's Wife Podcast with Kayla Fox

Kayla Fox is the owner of Fly Fox Apparel recently launched The Coach’s Wife Podcast. Kayla’s description for her podcast is: Here, we talk about everything from what it’s really like being married to a coach, how we deal with critical fans, the ministry of the coaching family, and everything in between. I’m your host, Kayla Fox, wife of a high school football coach and founder of The Fly Fox Apparel, a coach’s wife boutique. Whether you’re on your way to team dinner or picking up the slack at home while Coach is at work, huddle up and rest assured: you can find joy + community as a coach’s wife and it can all start right here.

Listen to my recent interview with Kayla on Episode 16 here!

Kayla is truly living in her sweet spot with her podcast. She is doing an amazing job of uplifting other women AND letting her heart shine. I’m lucky enough to say I know Kayla “in real life” and her heart is genuine. She truly believes that this crazy life we live is a ministry and every episode points coaches’ wives to God at some point. What I love most is that she’s covering everyday topics like eating healthy, staying out of debt, and having an amazing marriage in addition to the coaching life.

The Coach's Wife Chronicles Podcast

Cochea Long is probably the most honest coach’s wife out there right now but her podcast is a must listen to in my opinion. I’m SO thankful for her voice. The Coach’s Wife Chronicles is a podcast produced by a D1 basketball coach’s wife who has a passion for the game, the life, and her husband’s players. She understands the behind the scenes challenges of our life and in the last few months, she has been incredibly transparent in ways that are necessary. If you only listen to one podcast download The Wife Beside You immediately.

Check out Cochea’s social media take over on Friday Night Wives

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll sit down for the premiere episode of their new podcast ‘Flying Coach With Steve Kerr & Pete Carroll,’ in which they offer up their unique perspectives as championship-level coaches in the NBA and NFL. Recent guests have included Brene Brown, Doc Rivers, and Greg Popovich and they have dove into politics, COVID-19, and George Floyd.

Athletic Spouse Talk Podcast

Being a coach’s wife can make life a little more exciting at times. This can be good or bad depending on the situation. Join us as we discuss the challenges and achievements we experience while being A Coaches Wife.

Athletic Spouses Talk is a podcast from Maria Harris, founder of the National Association for Athletic Spouses.

Maria was so kind to reach out and interview me about my book a few weeks back. You can catch that podcast interview here.

More than a Season with Ashley and Brittany Podcast

Ashley and Brittany give listeners an inside perspective on what life is like supporting a coach. They describe their podcast as “Authentic, behind the scenes, look at what the support system experiences but no one discusses.” And so far I will say this is absolutely true. Their podcasts are courageous, honest, and offer a true perspective of the coaching life.

They are tackling the tough subjects like wrestling with giving up a dream job to move across the country for your guy or standing next to him at a college event where everyone assumes you’re simply there only in a supporting role.

If you’re entering the college coaching world this is an especially helpful podcast to listen to, and don’t forget to follow these two on Instagram as well!

That’s my round up of the best podcasts for coaches’ wives! With this list you’ll get your fill of hot topics, encouraging words and honest behind the scenes truth. What did I miss? Tag your favorite podcast for coaches’ wives!

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