How to Bloom Where You’re Planted

Along with many other designations, September is National Prosper Where You’re Planted Month. The phrase “prosper where you are planted” isn’t one we often hear. However, I’m hopeful “bloom where you’re planted” sounds familiar. The expression “bloom where you’re planted” means to stop looking for ways to exit your current … Read More

Supporting Small Businesses and Ministries

Since 2016 I’ve worked for a Digital Marketing agency based in Melbourne, Florida. We partner with clients in many different industries all around the globe with a multi-tiered approach to help each client tell their individual stories. I’m passionate about storytelling. It says so in my work bio. 😉 I … Read More

How to Clarify Your Next Step

Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you know you’re on the right path, but you’ve encountered a fork in the road. Perhaps you find yourself feeling less satisfied with your current trajectory in life. It’s common to hear statements such as, I need a change of pace I need a … Read More

FAQ: Writing a Book

In honor of Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, I’m updating my post on the most frequently asked questions about writing and publishing a book. If you didn’t catch my podcast episode Publishing Secrets with Coach Tam I highly encourage you to do so! Here is the FAQs on … Read More