Solomon Got it Wrong…We Will Too

Solomon, the son of David was given the honor by God of building his temple. When the temple was complete Solomon offered a prayer of dedication that included an expectation that the temple would stand forever. 1 Kings 8:20-26 NIV says:  “The Lord has kept the promise he made: I have succeeded David … Read More

Share Four Somethings July 2021

We’re nearing the end of another month which means it’s time to reflect on the best of all that happened in July of 2021 with Share Four Somethings with Heather Gerwing! Something Loved I’ve loved wrapping up summer projects around the house. As much fun as it’s been to see … Read More

Homeowners Guide to Hiring a Handyman

Even though we’ve only owned our current house for a few months, this is our second time as homeowners, and in our 20 years of marriage, we’ve lived in a variety of houses. As a result, we’ve dealt with home repairs such as replacing the roof, flooring, water heaters, light … Read More

What a Raccoon Reminded Me About Burnout

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a fellow coach’s wife Anne who was also in the process of moving. We were talking about the chaos that goes along with settling into a new community when Anne casually mentioned their new rental home had raccoons in the chimney. Having … Read More