Devotional: Look Before You Leap

One opportunity virtual school has created for my teenage sons is the ability to step outside of “class” and walk into my home office to ask a question or share whatever thought crosses their mind. It doesn’t happen often, but the questions my sons wrestle with these days aren’t lighthearted. … Read More

Advice For Those Married to Introverts

I’ll never forget the day Donald Miller spoke for introverts around the world. In an article titled How to Get Along with an Introvert, Miller pointed out what has since been affirmed in this article in Psychology Today. “Since our culture celebrates extraversion much of the time, extol the virtues of introversion as well.” … Read More

Living in the Both / And

Depending on where you live in the country, you may be about to turn the calendar on a full year of balancing working from home along with adjusting to homeschooling. Whether you’re figuring out a weekly new normal or facing weeks of the same monotonous routine, one thing we are … Read More

Podcast Interview: The Christian Coach

I had such a wonderful conversation with Coach Gian Lemmi from Liberty University a few weeks ago! Coach Lemmi and Coach Simpson have launched a podcast for coaches and it’s great. The goal of The Christian Coach Podcast is to serve coaches through conversations so they can lead like Jesus. … Read More