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Sideline Views

One thing I love about our current school is the opportunity to serve our team by taking pictures on game day. I love getting to watch the games with a closer view and I love even more that our kids are on the sidelines this year too!

Here are Some of My Favorite Sideline Views So Far:





I’ve always loved getting to hear Ordell coach, and Levi is positioning himself several times each game to hear the inside scoop as well.


*all photos taken by Beth Walker. These photos may not be used for any reason, personal or professional without the written consent of the photographer.

You’ll Never Regret Pausing

I’m over at The Glorious Table today.

Here’s a preview:

Most mornings exercising in my neighborhood includes exchanging greetings with the same handful of people. We all walk the same circle at our own pace. I relish any morning walk, but a snowy winter followed by a rainy spring made this year’s summer mornings even more inviting.

Yet something was missing this summer.

Last year part of our neighborly exercise routines included avoiding an elderly gentleman sitting on the sidewalk. Yes, you read that right. My fellow morning risers and I walked, ran, and bicycled around a very happy, grandfather type individual who consistently found a comfortable place to sit somewhere along our route.


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Book Review: Remember God

Book Review Lessons From the Sidelines

Annie Downs newest book continues to share the life lessons God is teaching her. Remember God is the most vulnerable book Annie has yet to share. She offers the reader a look into her travels and life,b but more than that, Annie shares the whispers she heard from God.

Annie honestly shares of her wrestlings, her heart wounds and her most challenging life season yet. Depression, fear, frustration, and redemption are all present in Remember God. Through it all Annie continues to draw the reader back to truth. When we look for God he will show up.

We’ve all been there haven’t we? We wonder if our most fervent prayers have not reached high enough or worse, they have and God is ignoring us. While every experience is different it is the reminders from those who have been in our shoes, those who have ached the same ache and now are on the other side that can offer hope we too will reach the other end of the wilderness. Remember God is that reminder.

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