When Everyone Knows Your Dad

When our sons experienced their first cross-country move, it turned their lives upside down in numerous ways. It was the first time in their lives. They were known first as “the coach’s kids” and discovered that living in the shadow of their’s dad’s public profile carried a list of unspoken … Read More

Why Should I Support Someone On Patreon?

Today is Giving Tuesday. And while I rarely do this, I’m going to wear my Content Strategist hat today. I’m going to present a few reasons you may want to consider (or reconsider) your perspective about Patreon, Substack, newspaper subscriptions, or monthly donations to ministries. First, it’s important to remember … Read More

Share Four Somethings November 2021

We’re just a few days away from the last month of 2021 and I’m so excited to wrap up this year. It’s been a pretty full few months and I’m grateful for this past week of asynchronous learning and school vacation. Of course, we still had wrestling practice, guitar lessons, … Read More

Coaching Families 2021 Christmas Wish List

It’s time to start hunting for gifts for your favorite coaching family again! There are two types of gift-givers. Those that opt for cash or a gift card and those that prefer to select gifts that require wrapping and opening. If you are in category number two this list is … Read More

Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese

It’s Thanksgiving, and this is the one holiday we don’t travel. Ever since we invested in a smoker Ordell has taken over turkey preparation and we’re ALL thrilled with that decision. Some years we’re on our own, other years family travels to join us. Sometimes we have local friends spend … Read More