Dear Coaches’ Wives it’s Not Fair; Have Faith Anyway

It’s the season when job transitions are starting. It’s different every year, and more and more it seems that coaches’ months of stability are now reduced to weeks. Soon, somewhere in the country will start those dreaded conversations are going to start. It doesn’t matter that the team was plagued … Read More

How to Thrive in Your Sweet Spot

One of the most common questions I receive about Lessons from the Sidelines is the request to dive deeper into the details on how to define a “sweet spot.” I’ve been hesitant to provide too many details because I don’t want to limit anyone’s thought process. Using the 7 Step … Read More

Thrive With Every Goal You Pursue

We set goals with the intention of improving our lives or our surroundings. We want to grow our businesses, improve our daily routines, or achieve a milestone. Sometimes the goals we set have a greater impact than we envision. When this happens we can step into the momentum or we … Read More

God’s Delight In King Solomon

“But I didn’t believe those things. So I came to see for myself. And now I believe it! You are twice as wise and wealthy as people say you are. The report I heard doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story about you. How happy your people must be! … Read More

A Shout Out to Safe Friends

One of my favorite writers is Kelli Bachara The Unraveling Blog. In a recent post “Safe” Friends Make the Best Friends Kelli says, There are many different types of friends we can have in this life. But it’s the safe friends that will leave the greatest impact on us. A … Read More