Is Freelancing Difficult?

I’ve worked remotely in some capacity since 2014, and I love it. There are many reasons why remote work is the best choice for our lifestyle as a coaching family. When our kids were younger, it allowed me to contribute to our family’s household income without hiring a babysitter. Most … Read More

How Artists Remind Us To Love Our Neighbors

One of the ways God uniquely calls people to use their gifts and skills is through artisan talents. This is documented in Exodus 31 as the Israelites build the tabernacle. The goal of the tabernacle was to design a place for God’s presence to dwell with the Israelites rather than … Read More

The Brass Wedding Anniversary

According to, which I can only assume is the foremost expert on marriage, “The traditional and modern gift for a 21st-anniversary is either brass or nickel, symbolizing durability and strength—just like your marriage.” Reflecting on the past few decades, regardless of sourcing, the analogy of associating metal with marriage seems … Read More

Don’t Know What Your Life Purpose Is? Consider This

One of the most frequent statements I hear from women on the journey to clarify their calling is, “I wish God would just tell me exactly what he wants from me!” Whether we’re facing a job conflict or a experience ministry disappointment it’s easy to correlate difficulty with a need … Read More

What We Learn About Our Calling Through Pentecost

After Jesus’s resurrection, he spent forty days (Mark 16:19) teaching his followers, appearing to people to prove he was alive, and reminding the disciples their work was just beginning. During these precious conversations, Jesus allowed Peter to reaffirm his faith in his teacher (John 21), and he distinguished for John … Read More