Podcast Interview: The Christian Coach

I had such a wonderful conversation with Coach Gian Lemmi from Liberty University a few weeks ago! Coach Lemmi and Coach Simpson have launched a podcast for coaches and it’s great. The goal of The Christian Coach Podcast is to serve coaches through conversations so they can lead like Jesus. … Read More

Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

When a good portion of your life is spent serving other people in the public eye it’s important to take time out to invest your energy in your marriage too. As coaches, pastors, parachurch ministers, and military members you all serve your communities in different capacities. There are several similarities … Read More

She Is My Delight

Tirzah is a Hebrew word meaning “she is my delight.” I stumbled across this word a few times as I was studying Scripture several years ago and became intrigued by the times it was used. Little did I know that the stirring in my heart surrounding this word would lead to a deep … Read More

Stay Organized with Airtable

One of the most important aspects of thriving is mental clarity and to do that I have to have my weeks organized. By no means is our family unique in our business. The one additional challenge with mental clarity I have at times is that my hypothyroidism can greatly reduce … Read More

Change Your Finances and Thrive

I’m so excited to participate in the Smart and Frugal Moms Conference February 1-5, 2021 hosted by Charissa over at Change Your Finances. As I continue to focus on ways to thrive in 2021, it seems logical to consider reviewing our finances and looking for ways to thrive financially. It’s … Read More