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Thanksgiving Reflections

There are so many things to be thankful for in 2019:

  • Our health
  • A new space to live in that we love
  • Great jobs we both enjoy (and new clients for Beth this year with smooth transitions yay!)
  • Our boys are doing well in school
  • Upcoming opportunities in 2020
  • A fun trip to see family in Colorado this past summer
  • A church we love where are all being challenged to seek the Lord

Mostly, this year when I reflect on 2019 as much as remember the bumps and frustrations when pressed to do so, what highlights this year is a calmness we haven’t experienced before.

A steadiness in our calendars allows for spontaneity, flexibility, and weekends that include rest almost every weekend. We’ve figured out a rhythm that includes caring for our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health in a way that I never expected we would find.

The coaching life is a hustle and you learn to operate and function within that space, however that doesn’t mean it is best. Leaping off the hamster wheel of college football was a shock to the system and it took a little bit to find a new normal.

Throw in an unexpected move, transitioning a kid to high school, and I’m thankful to say that for now, we’re moving a pace that gives everyone breathing room, and I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for in 2019?

Hey Coaches’ Wives We’re Cheering for You this Winter!

We’re heading into basketball, wrestling, hockey, and indoor track season! As an athletic trainer, I loved the transition to indoor sports. It was so much more convenient to throw a few water bottles on a cart and roll them into the wrestling room or gym rather than to pack everything up and haul it all outside.

In the Midwest indoor seasons start just as the weather invites everyone to bundle up and stay in so it works out perfectly. No more winter coats and no more hand warmers tucked strategically into boots, gloves, and pockets. Ah…it’s really a great time of year.

So Winter Coaches’ Wives we know you are kicking things off just as things are winding down for the fall sports and we want you to know that we see you!

We’re Cheering for you this Winter!

Wrestling tournaments that will last all weekend mean late nights followed by early mornings. Do you need someone to hang with your kiddos? Give us a call. We know what it’s like to need a break.

We know your season overlaps with two major holidays. This may mean you miss time with family. We want you to know coaching families stick together so you always have a place at our table.

Most of all, you have a safe place in the stands near us. We know the crowd can get loud and opinionated when things don’t go our way. Coaches’ wives stick together regardless of the scoreboard. We know your husband is doing his best to rally the team regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Please Ask for Help

We want to help you in the most specific ways you need. We understand that every season brings unique challenges. We won’t know how to help you unless you tell us exactly what you need.

  • Is there a night of the week that is particularly crazy?
  • Do you need help with carpooling?
  • What about a listening ear?
  • A quiet space to get away from the craziness?

We’re supporting you as best we can. We’re cheering for you any way we can this winter. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we’ll step up when we can because coaches’ wives stick together.

Share Four Somethings – November 2019

Share Four Somethings – November 2019

share four somethings - link up with Heather Gerwing

Something Loved

This month I loved that Ordell took the time to surprise me with an overnight getaway. He planned the whole thing and it was a true surprise. The time away was great, but what I loved the most were all the intentional details he built into our time away just for me like finding a gluten-free bakery. It’s been forever since I’ve walked into a restaurant and I haven’t had to read every label.

Something Said

Our church just wrapped up a series on serving our city. It’s been an excellent series and yet again an awesome reminder that we are in an amazing community. Both teachers and entrepreneurs were a focus during the series.

Something Learned

This month I learned it’s a good idea to back up your website when a server transfer is taking place. I lost 12 blog posts and my redesign update when my hosting provider upgraded to a new server. I’m pretty bummed because I’ll be spending the weekend rewriting December’s posts rather than editing which is where I really need to spend my time. 🙁

Something Read

Burnout is a real thing whether it’s pastors, parachurch leaders or coaches. This article is worth reading if you are feeling like you might need to purge a few things to avoid burnout in ministry.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another week of Share Four Somethings!

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