Books for Coaches’ Wives

Coaches’ wives often ask for recommendations on books about the coaching life. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased in this area, having written several books for coaches’ wives! However, today I’m offering a round-up of coaches’ wives’ content from a variety of authors. Living, Loving and Lasting as a Coach’s Wife … Read More

Pre-Season Camp Curse

If you have ever been around a coaching family as their season begins, you may have noticed a pattern. As soon as players report disaster strikes. While many assume this is a coincidence, seasoned coaches’ wives know better. This scenario has what I have titled The Pre-Season Camp Curse. Lest … Read More

For the Mama’s From a Coach’s Wife

As the wife of a college football coach, every year, I have a front-row seat to watch eighteen-year-old boys take some of their first steps of independence. Each August, I stand before our new families and explain what the football season will look like from behind the scenes. I assure … Read More

August Fog of Preseason Camp

Have you ever noticed when you see the fog from afar, it hides everything it covers? It’s like you are walking into a wall, and yet when you are in the midst of the fog, you can see around you. Years ago, when my husband was a head college coach, … Read More

The Fans

What would an athletic event be without the fans? If you’ve been around the game awhile, you might be thinking…umm fun? Haha, sort of. But in truth, as coaches’ wives, we know our athletes love to play for a crowd, so we’re grateful for every supportive fan on game day. … Read More