Lessons from Walking Palm Trees

Up until now the most puzzling question about trees I’ve encountered is the classic “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?” However, I was recently introduced to the Walking Palm Tree of Ecuador and now I’m left … Read More

Devotional: God is Not Legalistic

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table Today. Here’s a Preview: Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelites faced many adversaries. When Joshua was close to the end of his life, he warned the Israelites that the land of the Philistines was one of the areas they still needed to defeat … Read More

Podcast Interview: Dauntless Grace

I loved my intentional conversation with Deedra and Megan. While I’ve known Megan for almost 2 decades now, it was my first time speaking with Deedra and I loved her insights about mentoring. We chatted about Embracing Holy Interruptions, the Enneagram, why we need to put a little more effort … Read More

It’s Time to Take the Courageous Step of Discipleship

The May 2021 American Perspectives Survey revealed that Americans report having fewer close friendships, they talk to their friends less often and rely less on friends for personal support.  In isolation, this survey seems anecdotal, however, I’ve already highlighted Springtide’s 2020 report which reveals that Generation Z is the loneliest … Read More

Share Four Somethings June 2021

It’s June and we’re finally starting to feel settled in our new home. We’ve collected a number of Amazon boxes, hired a landscaper, and even hosted our first guests! It’s fun to finally have a list that filled with so much variety to include for this month’s share four somethings. … Read More