Best Apps for the Busy Wife

The fact is we live in a digital world. I love my paper planner for keeping lists and plotting out the events for the whole week. Still, it’s not helpful for communicating with the rest of our household even though our family has spent more time confined under the same … Read More

Work and Life Balance Strategies for Remote Workers

I’ve heard from many women in the public eye that we shouldn’t assume people tell their whole stories on social media. This is especially something to watch with a skeptical eye if they present the illusion that their lives are completely organized and running smoothly. For example, Jamie Ivey often … Read More

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

When Ordell took his first full-time college coaching position, we moved to a small town with limited job options. Commuting was possible, but it wasn’t ideal because it would have greatly extended the workday and increased our expenses. So when an administrative assistant position opened up on campus, I was … Read More

Virtual Assistant Work

Every few months, a fellow coach’s wife asks about income streams other than direct sales and I send them the link to one of my most popular blog posts Top Jobs for Coaches’ Wives. When you move frequently, it can become challenging for your spouse to find a job. Employers … Read More

Tips to Avoid Remote Work Scams

It’s no secret that over the last year many employers have attempted to shift part of their workforce to work-from-home or remote work status. This trend was already rising, but it received a large push when schools and daycares closed early in 2020. This forced a trickle-down effect that caused … Read More