Share Four Somethings August 2021

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of another month! We’ve packed a lot into this last month of summer, including two last-minute mini-vacations, the very last house projects for 2021, and a women’s conference. Something Loved I loved getting away to Minnesota to spend time with my brother, … Read More

It’s Time to Take the Courageous Step of Discipleship

The May 2021 American Perspectives Survey revealed that Americans report having fewer close friendships, they talk to their friends less often and rely less on friends for personal support.  In isolation, this survey seems anecdotal, however, I’ve already highlighted Springtide’s 2020 report which reveals that Generation Z is the loneliest … Read More

Discipleship Requires Boundaries

In my latest bible study, Embracing Holy Interruptions I structure the chapters based on the five thresholds a postmodern skeptic must pass in order to develop their own faith in God. This is a vital step whether someone has grown up around religious institutions or is completely lacking in spiritual … Read More