Book Review: A Fierce Love

Book Review

In this first book from Shauna Shanks, she invites us into the most heartbreaking event of her life. In 2013 her husband asked her for a divorce and had an affair. She transparently presents her journey from lukewarm Christian, mom, and wife who defined herself as “comfortable in her box” to a woman deeply in love with her God and her husband.

Although I have not been through the experiences Shauna writes about I still found myself relating to her journey. Shauna pointed out that she found her story mirrored in scripture because it was about much more than her marriage. God was pursuing her heart, her husband’s heart, and even their marriage.

As much as this book is about Shauna’s response to her husband and God after learning her husband wanted a divorce, it’s also about all God taught her. How he guided her, and spoke to her.

“An amazing thing had happened, but in the trenches of my despair, I didn’t recognize the miracle. I was so desperate to have something to hold onto that I reacted to the words he spoke, but I failed to pause and rejoice in the simple fact that God was speaking. It was amazing. But what was truly a wonder, and what hadn’t happened much of my whole adult life, was that God was speaking and I heard him.”

Shauna explains how God guided her to filter her words and actions through 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter). How she learned to walk through the hardest and scariest part of her life with a deepening love of Jesus and a growing hunger for the pursuit of him.

There were moments where I was angry for Shauna, feeling frustrated that her story was one of reconciliation. As she pointed out, that was the harder path. Walking away would have seemed less painful than the one God was calling her to, still, it was the one she not only desired, it was the one God had promised her would be healed.

Shauna’s story has me looking for places in my life I am living lukewarm and re-evaluating them.

I am looking for the subtle ways God is pursuing me. I don’t want to miss his voice. Thanks for A Fierce Love I have a renewed perspective on this.

In exchange for an honest review, I was given a free copy of this book via Book Look Bloggers. The opinions expressed are my own.

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