Book Review: Coach’s Wife Survival Guide

I’m always interested in resources to help me live the insane lifestyle of a college football wife.  Several months ago I was contacted by author and blogger and long-time coach’s wife Janis Meredith.  She was writing a book and wondered if I would fill out a survey about the coaching life.  I could tell by the questions Janis asked that she was working on a gem and I’m pleased to say I was right!

In Coach’s Wife Survival Guide Meredith covers many areas coaches wives encounter throughout their lives. I loved that from the beginning Meredith acknowledges that as wives we can choose to play an active role in our husbands’ all-consuming coaching careers.  From the first survival tip “Decide to be Extraordinary” Meredith speaks honestly about a wife’s need to develop a thick skin, figure out how to deal with criticism of the team and coaches, learn to balance marriage, family, and work, and so on.

Meredith reached out to wives in different sports at different levels and added her own advice as well to give very well rounded answers to the various areas of the coaching life.  The honest reality is that a family who has a coach in it will live a very non-traditional lifestyle.  It can feel isolating at times, and yet in this, short and straightforward Kindle book Meredith manages to remind and encourage wives that we are not alone, others have encountered our struggles, and there are solutions!  Best of all, Meredith does not present a precise picture of what a coach’s wife should look like.  Within the tips given is absolute freedom for any wife to find her own voice.

If you have a new wife on your staff or a coach is getting serious with a girlfriend I would suggest you encourage her to read this book and then follow up with any questions she may have.

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Full Disclosure: Although I am occasionally quoted in this book, I was not compensated for my review nor my opinions.  I was blessed to know 2 of Janis’ 3 kids in their college years!