Book Review: Pastors’ Wives

I stumbled upon Lisa Cullen’s Pastors’ Wives at the library last week.  I haven’t read much fiction lately, and was looking for a fun weekend read.  I was thrilled to discover this was it!  Both heart warming and thought provoking, Pastors’ Wives follows the lives of 3 women who’s husbands are pastors within the same church organization.

Each woman wrestles with her personal faith, stage in life, and role as wife to a pastor.  I found this book to be very honest compared to different conversations I’ve had with my girlfriends who also carry the title “Pastor’s Wife”.  If you are a coach’s wife you will relate to this book in multiple ways.  I’ve been told several times the lives of coaches and ministry leaders parallel and this book sure gives a nod in that direction as well.

Cullen does an awesome job of making the reader fall in love with all three of these women even when they are in conflict with each other themselves.  My only complaint is that this isn’t a series!  I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.