Book Review: The Enneagram Collection

Today I’m reviewing two books in a series. Ah the Enneagram! The new (but not new at all) personality test. The thing is, the Enneagram is much more than a fun personality quiz.

As Ian Cron explains, The Enneagram is an ancient personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how God has wired human beings both positively and negatively. By challenging us to explore who we are, the Enneagram helps us recognize and overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior and to become our most authentic selves. Bravely exploring how God has created us requires much more work than many realize.

Identifying our number, wing, or subtype is just the beginning of our Enneagram journey. There are many books out there that will present a broad overview of the Enneagram, there aren’t many books that help you go deeper into learning about your specific type. That’s what sets The Enneagram Collection by Beth McCord apart.

Book Review: The Enneagram Collection

“The real power of the Enneagram comes when we surrender to the Holy Spirit, and depend solely on Him to do the transforming work inside us and the people we love. When we press on toward growth, it allows us to walk with the Spirit and trust him in new and dynamic ways moment by moment, day by day.”

Beth McCord

Each of these journals is divided into 21 entries that include further education about the Enneagram, specific information about your type with the context of that subject, and reflection questions. The journal entries are designed to help you dig deeper into how you view yourself, God, and the world.

There isn’t a specific pace you need to go abide by, and for some numbers you will likely find that some entries take a few days to dissect as you reflect on the questions. What I found interesting is the charts are very number specific. As I did a side by side comparison of charts about strengths, weaknesses, and worldview it was clear that each book is written to the number. If you get the 8 you will read a book for Type 8s.

I learned a lot of information from these books I haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re looking to learn more about your number this is a great next step in your Enneagram journey.

One caution though. It’s easy to mistype yourself and these books are specifically written to one type. Spend time on the page listening to each audio clip. And if you’re still having trouble nailing down your type reach out to a coach. Megan Hall, founder of Dauntless Grace Ministries is a great one I can personally recommend!

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