Podcast Interview: Dauntless Grace

I loved my intentional conversation with Deedra and Megan. While I’ve known Megan for almost 2 decades now, it was my first time speaking with Deedra and I loved her insights about mentoring. We chatted about Embracing Holy Interruptions, the Enneagram, why we need to put a little more effort … Read More

Introducing Embracing Holy Interruptions

A 2020 report reveals that Generation Z values discipleship. 85% of surveyed students who have two to four adult mentors and 91% of those who have five or more adult mentors reported their life has meaning and purpose. The more mentors someone has, the more meaning they believe their life … Read More

Book Recommendations for Everyone’s Wish List

You didn’t think I’d skip suggesting books this Christmas, did you? Even though I’ve been in the thick of writing I’m still reading. My kindle is piling up with a stack for 2021 as well and I’m so excited to replace some writing hours with additional reading time. I’ve got … Read More

Podcast Interview and Book Cover Reveal

I really enjoyed chatting with Maria Harris, founder of the National Sports Spouses Association. Maria has launched a podcast titled Athletic Spouses Talk and she was generous enough to spend some time learning more about my book releasing later this summer. You can listen to our podcast interview here. As … Read More

Book Review: The Enneagram Collection

Today I’m reviewing two books in a series. Ah the Enneagram! The new (but not new at all) personality test. The thing is, the Enneagram is much more than a fun personality quiz. As Ian Cron explains, The Enneagram is an ancient personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in … Read More