10 Favorite Books from 2015

If you’ve checked out this blog before you know I read a good amount.  I’m often asked what my favorites are, so I went back to check out everything I read in 2015.  Here are my top 10 books and why. Unveiled Wife Jennifer Smith’s story is very different from mine … Read More

Book Review: Pastors’ Wives

I stumbled upon Lisa Cullen’s Pastors’ Wives at the library last week.  I haven’t read much fiction lately, and was looking for a fun weekend read.  I was thrilled to discover this was it!  Both heart warming and thought provoking, Pastors’ Wives follows the lives of 3 women who’s husbands … Read More

Book Review: Coach’s Wife Survival Guide

I’m always interested in resources to help me live the insane lifestyle of a college football wife.  Several months ago I was contacted by author and blogger and long-time coach’s wife Janis Meredith.  She was writing a book and wondered if I would fill out a survey about the coaching … Read More

Intimacy and Striving to become Unveiled

I was privileged to get an advanced copy of Unveiled Wife back in December.  I’ve already written a review of this book and will continue to refer to it I’m sure.  There are some books you will come across in your life that will continually challenge you.  There will be books you … Read More

Living, Loving and Lasting as a Coach’s Wife

We have a newbie coach on our staff this year, and he started dating a really sweet girl who LOVE’s her some football.  Things have been going well with them, and she and I recently chatted.  One thing became apparent really quick…they are SERIOUS.  As a more “seasoned” coach’s wife, … Read More