How to Increase Biblical Literacy

The term biblical literacy, coined by theologian John Frame, refers to the ability to read the Bible well enough to know what it teaches about the Christian faith. This includes knowing how the Bible relates to the history of Israel, the Old Testament canon, the New Testament canon, and the … Read More

A Path from Deconstruction to Reconstruction

Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg once remarked that “criticism is easier than reconstruction.” I believe that many people who encounter someone using the term deconstruction convince themselves that the person is using the opportunity as a blanket to criticize Evangelicals or Evangelicalism. Sadly, this minimizing is very often what drives someone further … Read More

Addressing Straw Man Arguments

The experiences of those of us who grew up in the church vary greatly. The older I get, the more I understand that the people who mentored me throughout my formative years, especially high school and college, understood that I would encounter challenging questions and experiences that could cause me … Read More

How to Thrive When God Seems Silent

I don’t know about you, but there are moments when I wonder if I’m journaling into the abyss. I prayed earnestly for God to help me see a situation more clearly or for guidance with an important decision and regardless of how I approach trying to hear God he seems … Read More

Five Names for God

In the depths of my wilderness season, I reached out to a friend for perspective.  Her tender words as I asked over and over, “why was God ignoring me,” and “why was the answer to every pray no” still resonate with me years later.  Her response was exactly what I … Read More