Book Review: Just Ask (A Devotional for Coaches’ Wives)

 Just Ask by Sarah Roberts is a 21-Day Devotional written by coaches’ wives. Each chapter focuses on a person in the Bible. The wives take turn sharing how a Bible story or person reminds them of a scenario they have experienced. There is no stone left unturned as each wife writes about their lives. Firings, … Read more

20 Book Goal in Review

Read my reviews as well as what I’m currently reading and recommending over at Goodreads!  Here’s My 20 Book Goal Accomplishment for 2017 January: The Kitchen House Finding God In The Waves February: You Are Free No More Faking Fine April: Of Mess and Moxie Invitation May: The Happiness Dare The Sacrament of Happy June: … Read more

Favorite Books of 2016

Breaking Busy Breaking Busy addresses extensively the different areas of our lives we tend to fill up with busyness.  Relationships, Traditions, Calling, Thoughts and many other subjects are written about in matter of fact statements that had me nodding my head, tearing up with gratitude and feeling energized to edit, adjust and say no! Looking For … Read more