Favorite Books of 2016

Breaking Busy Breaking Busy addresses extensively the different areas of our lives we tend to fill up with busyness.  Relationships, Traditions, Calling, Thoughts and many other subjects are written about in matter of fact statements that had me nodding my head, tearing up with gratitude and feeling energized to edit, adjust … Read More

Friday Five: Last Five Books I’ve Read

  For #FridayFive writers choice I’m telling you about the last five books I’ve read. This has been a full summer of reading for me and I’m so thrilled to have read so many amazing authors, many of them new or new to me. Falling Free I wasn’t aware of Shannan … Read More

Friday Five: Books

Mrs. Disciple and I have very similar book tastes, so I’m always adding her suggestions to my never ending list 🙂  I’ve been spending my afternoons reading most days in between swim lessons. I have the best view from our carport turned deck area! I’ve also been lucky enough to … Read More

It’s Time to Break Busy

  Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy “Crazy busy is a life without peace.  It’s marked by decisions made for the approval of the world, not the approval of God.  It’s filled with what we think we “should” do, what we think will … Read More

10 Favorite Books from 2015

If you’ve checked out this blog before you know I read a good amount.  I’m often asked what my favorites are, so I went back to check out everything I read in 2015.  Here are my top 10 books and why. Unveiled Wife Jennifer Smith’s story is very different from mine … Read More