Finding the Work You’re Meant To Do

In her recently released book, Calling in Context, Susan L. Maros says, “When we seek to identify our callings, we are, at a fundamental level, seeking to understand God’s transformational work in our lives—to recognize who we are created to be and discern the Spirit’s invitation to participate in God’s … Read More

Living With Purpose Every Day

According to The Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, 47% of Millennial and Gen Z workers choose to work for their current organization because they derive a sense of meaning from work. However, over a third of these respondents said they have turned down a job offer because … Read More

Don’t Know What Your Life Purpose Is? Consider This

One of the most frequent statements I hear from women on the journey to clarify their calling is, “I wish God would just tell me exactly what he wants from me!” Whether we’re facing a job conflict or a experience ministry disappointment it’s easy to correlate difficulty with a need … Read More

What We Learn About Our Calling Through Pentecost

After Jesus’s resurrection, he spent forty days (Mark 16:19) teaching his followers, appearing to people to prove he was alive, and reminding the disciples their work was just beginning. During these precious conversations, Jesus allowed Peter to reaffirm his faith in his teacher (John 21), and he distinguished for John … Read More

Calling vs. Career: Do You Have to Choose?

Have you ever read through a job description and wondered why there is an education requirement? For example, what is it about the tasks of an administrative assistant, such as sorting email and scheduling travel, that are distinctively held by someone who earns a bachelor’s degree? I have varied admin … Read More