How to Find a Spiritual Mentor 

The Bible says we are to seek wise counsel from godly people. In fact, it tells us to ask for guidance from our mentors. But what does that mean? What makes someone a mentor? How do we know if a person is qualified? And most importantly, how do we actually … Read More

Finding the Work You’re Meant To Do

In her recently released book, Calling in Context, Susan L. Maros says, “When we seek to identify our callings, we are, at a fundamental level, seeking to understand God’s transformational work in our lives—to recognize who we are created to be and discern the Spirit’s invitation to participate in God’s … Read More

How Artists Remind Us To Love Our Neighbors

One of the ways God uniquely calls people to use their gifts and skills is through artisan talents. This is documented in Exodus 31 as the Israelites build the tabernacle. The goal of the tabernacle was to design a place for God’s presence to dwell with the Israelites rather than … Read More

The Brass Wedding Anniversary

According to, which I can only assume is the foremost expert on marriage, “The traditional and modern gift for a 21st-anniversary is either brass or nickel, symbolizing durability and strength—just like your marriage.” Reflecting on the past few decades, regardless of sourcing, the analogy of associating metal with marriage seems … Read More

Share Four Somethings May 2022

We’re celebrating birthdays, first jobs, and the end of school this May! It’s amazing how each month wraps up with so many milestones to remember. Something Loved I loved spending the afternoon exploring Navy Pier with my dear friend from Georgia. When work trips bring people to the best city … Read More