More than a Title

During my book promotion series, I was grateful to spend time with three amazing women Anne, Nichole, and Lori. During each of our conversations, we spoke about the similarities in our lifestyles adjacent to the public eye. We also discussed our differences and how those are strengths. As I explained to Lori, if she were … Read more

“Close” isn’t Close Enough

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today! Here’s a Preview: Our vacuum broke. I’d ignored a cracked clip for about a year, convincing myself that Shark vacuums are so high-quality that the fact the canister no longer had an unbroken seal wasn’t a problem. But eventually, our vacuum made it clear that my efforts … Read more

Pastors’ Wives and Coaches’ Wives

I am so excited to share this final video in the series of book promotions! My friend and Pastor’s wife, Lori was with me the weekend the first idea sparked for Lessons from the Sidelines. As we chatted in between breaks at a writers’ conference we bonded over the similarities in our lives including the … Read more

Soul Damage of Choke Weeds

In his article Lies Pastors Believe J.R. Briggs highlights a list lies pastors have confessed over the years during his times with them: I have a small church, which makes me a bad and ineffective pastor. My addiction has no effect on my congregation. More speaking opportunities at ministry conferences means I’m a legitimate pastor. … Read more