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This Honey Vanilla Fruit Salad looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it this summer! 11 Simple Changes I Made to Improve My Writing Habit was inspiring and motivating. Where am I starting? A daily word count goal. I’ll be implementing this Gmail process for a client this week. I’ve heard from other’s it’s a game… Read More

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So thankful for Beth Moore’s willingness to put herself out there, explain when needed, and continue to encourage! About that personal branding conversation feels like a must read for writers. Saw this and drove straight to Aldi for supplies. Eating healthy is never easy, but recipes like this make giving up ice cream a whole… Read More

What Now?

Now that we are back in the Midwest and living in a city there are several things we are looking forward to doing after settling in. Here’s our top five: Giordano’s Pizza Chicago style pizza is back in our backyard and we couldn’t be happier.  Now, I’ll admit I’m a wood fired pizza fan but there… Read More

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This Strawberry Pretzel dessert looks tasty and easy! I had to best Strawberries recently from Sam’s Club. How To Be Spiritually Productive While Waiting On God was speaking directly to me.  “Some of God’s deepest and most productive work in life takes place during dormant seasons. If you are feeling low in spirit and a… Read More

Moving Tips

Well in the football world wives all over the country are packing up houses, hunting on Zillow and putting in requests for school and medical records. It’s that time of the year and as we are filling boxes ourselves I’ve realized I’m much more organized this move than in the past. Seventh time’s the charm?… Read More