Share Four Somethings – July 2018

I can’t believe we’ve blown through another month! These four weeks have been packed with camping, football practices, family visits and rest. I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for #sharefoursomethings again and highlighting my favorite things from July!

Something Loved

I loved my weekend alone while my men were camping. It’s one of my favorite family traditions, which is ironic since I don’t participate in the actual camping part. But as the mother of pre-teen boys, I am deeply grateful for my husband’s willingness to pour wisdom and truth into them while seeking adventure.

Something Said

This month for The Glorious Table I wrote about Barna Research Group’s newest report about how Generation Z is processing their faith. It’s alarming to me how far we’re moving as a nation from the Biblical definition of faith found in Hebrews 11. I believe this is a situation where we cannot bury our head in the sand and expect it to work itself out.

Something Learned

I’ve spent the summer in 1 and 2 Corinthians with the summer She Reads Truth study. A friend and I decided to invest in the workbooks and I’m so thankful we did. This has been a timely study and the weekly discussions have added an important layer.

While this is not something new, this month I have been reminded how important it is to compare what other people say the Bible says to what the Bible actually says.

Something Read

As an Enneagram 2 I relate on MANY levels to this post by fellow coach’s wife Kelly Youngblood. She says. “When you’ve moved around as much as I have, belonging is a lot harder to come by and fitting in is–in the short run–is a lot easier.”  Read more on Kelly’s post How Do You Like Your Eggs.


Head over to Heather’s blog to read what others are sharing this month!

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Share Four Somethings – June 2018

Can you believe another month is in the books? Summer is flying by here in the Midwest. We’ve had a crazy weather month but we’re also enjoying exploring new coffee shops and restaurants in our current community. I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of #sharefoursomethings.

Something Loved

We celebrated wedding Anniversary 17 this past week! I loved our time away at the FCA Getaway earlier this month as well as a few hours on a “real” date just the two of us this Saturday.

Something Said

This month the Attorney General took the Bible extremely out of context with a terrible interpretation of Romans 13. Having written a blog post months prior about my studies through BSF in the Book of Romans, I was reminded again how important it is to read the Bible instead of just taking other people’s word about what is in there. The timing was interesting, I scheduled my post to automatically post around the same time all the Romans 13 conversations were happening.

Something Learned

I learned this month that sometimes we need a vacation before we realize we need a vacation. Our Preseason getaway was the breath of fresh air I needed in many ways. I loved having girl time with my nieces, exploring the Wisconsin Dells with our kids for the first time and turning off the computer.

Something Read

I discovered the Lose the Cape community this month. I just finished their most recent book focused on parenting teens and I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am to have found this amazing resource!

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What I Learned – Spring 2018

I love taking time for a quarterly review of life with Emily P. Freeman.  March, April, and May were exciting months for our family.

I turned forty and our oldest became a teenager!

You can read my letter to our son here. I embraced this new decade with joy and anticipation and I’m still not regretting that decision.

I was also reminded this quarter of how far a coach’s impact can reach with time and energy invested. We had such an amazing weekend catching up with former teammates, coaches, players and wives. Taking time to publically thank Andy was a small but special part of that time.

Work/Life balance is a constant work in progress

My Powersheets check-in, as well as my chat with Daniel from First Team Fathers, were great reminders of how far I’ve come in a long and short amount of time as well as how much life we have walked through as a married couple and family of four.

In our current season, we are all thriving in different ways, but we aren’t without our pain points. That’s life though, isn’t it? A constant work in progress.

I’ve Missed Reading

I’ve been wrapped up in writing the last six months and both crafting and reading were set to the side. I’m so thankful to have a reason to read as a part of the Holy Hustle book launch team. Crystal Stine’s timing is perfect.

I also listened to Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown recently and Cory Booker’s United. A benefit of working from home is being able to listen to audiobooks while I work!

Reviews of all three books will soon post on my blog.

What have you learned this spring? I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman. We’d love for you to join the conversation!