Quick Meal Prepping

The weeks are flying by here in the Midwest which is just fine with us. We’re loving the cooler weather which allows us to keep the windows open and have fresh air breezing through the house all day. Of course, since I work from home I’m the one who gets … Read More

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

One of the most challenging parts of establishing yourself in a new community is making connections with doctors, insurance agencies, realtors, dentists, auto repair and more. Of course, word of mouth is helpful in some situations, but what if the recommended people aren’t accepting new clients or your insurance doesn’t … Read More

Favorite Free Resources

I’m a sucker for a good freebie. But the thing is there are a lot of things out there that say they are free, but then you try to sign up and it turns out you are only getting a free trial. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite free … Read More

Virtual Assistant Work

Every few months a fellow coaches’ wife asks about streams of income other than direct sales and I pull out my blog post Top Jobs for Coaches’ Wives. The more moves you have under your belt the more challenging it becomes to find a job. Employers see those resumes and … Read More

Organization Strategies

One of the best things I heard in 2018 was an honest answer the question “How do you do everything?” Thankfully, we’ve started being honest with ourselves and those around us and we’re admitting that we don’t do everything. The best tool in a coaching family’s tool belt is the … Read More