On Calling and Critics

For several years now, my family has received a box of caterpillars in the mail every summer. Through clear cup containers, we watch them turn into butterflies. The instructions include transferring the chrysalides so the butterflies emerge in a spacious, netted container. This year I ordered and promptly forgot about the caterpillars. Weeks later they [...]

DotD Preview

I'm writing over at Daughters of the Deep today: Perspective in the Desert Here's a preview: I stopped dusting and sat amazed. Bones was on in the background, and a short conversation between Angela and Dr. Brennen reminded me perspective in the wilderness is key in any circumstance. Mostly the conversation when like this: Dr. [...]

How Are You Spending Your Hours?

My word for 2017 is still, and I’ve been wrestling with the purpose of it. I know God placed it on my heart, but the why has been eluding me. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting into the habit of listening to podcasts while I work. A few weeks ago I was typing away for a project [...]