Top Ways to Support Your Favorite Coaching Family

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One of the most amazing treasures a coaching family receives from their community is people who welcome them with friendship. Being new in town is always stressful. Even if you move every few years (or more often), it’s never easy to be the new family.

Coaching families need support even in the seasons where they win the state or national championship. If you are currently living several hours from your favorite coaching family’s newest team or are lucky enough to live down the street, there are specific ways you can let your favorite coach, his wife, and his kids all know you are cheering them on while they are in the midst of the crazy every season brings.

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The Glorious Table – Do You Have a Victim Mentality?

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As I continue my work to stay ready and available for God to move in and through me, he is working on both my head and my heart. Recently my responses have taken a front-row seat in this journey of refinement and alignment.

In the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20, Jesus tells the story of a landowner who hired workers at various times throughout the day. He told the first workers he hired he’d pay them one denarius each. He told the workers he hired later that he’d pay them “whatever is right.” At the end of the day, the first workers thought their compensation would change when the landowner paid the later workers that same one denarius. They were wrong.