Meet Katy Epling

Today I’m so excited to invite you to a free virtual event on November 2-6th! Katy Epling and I crossed paths in a writers group and I’ve admired the way she has pursued her dreams while also striving to love her family and cheer them on in their own passions … Read More

Meet Beth Eaton

You guys it’s my favorite post of the month and I’m so excited to introduce you to Beth Eaton and show you her adorable family. I’ve featured Beth’s business in a Christmas gift round-up before, and how you get to meet the lovely lady behind the magic. Beth and her … Read More

FAQ: Writing a Book

I’ve had a lot of fun conversations over the last several months with writers and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Now that my book has released I’m turning my attention to new projects. Today I’m compiling some commonly asked questions I’ve received and featuring some resources for you to … Read More

Meet Tia Reid Barlow

I connected with Tia when she generously invited me to promote our upcoming Pursue coaches’ wives retreat in her Facebook group. It feels so rare these days that women will go out of their way to elevate each other, however, Tia is consistent in her ministry publicly and privately. It’s … Read More

Meet Jamey Simpson

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to another coach’s wife who is also a writer! Jamey has recently released her first children’s book combining her background as a talented graphic designer together with her current role as a mother. I loved Jamey’s career advice and her perspective on using … Read More