Christmas (Savings) in July


There’s no way to sugar coat this, and no reason to do so, most coaching families don’t bring in huge salaries. The reality is many coaching households are two income families out of necessity. Our industry isn’t the only one where this is common, but the assumption from fans is that football coaches live comfortable lifestyles and it just isn’t the case for most.

One of the most expensive times of the year is Christmas, and the strain can intensify when it’s also the year your family is moving. I’ve learned that implementing a few simple strategies on stacking rewards can help me save even more money for Christmas year round. The great thing is that there are always new apps and ideas developing! I’ve updated my post from December with a few new ideas. By the way, there may be an affiliate link or two included. By clicking the link we both benefit!

Here are my tips for Christmas (Savings) in July

Walmart and Swagbucks

I started utilizing Walmart grocery pick up out of necessity. I needed to find more hours in my weeks and one of the major time and money absorbers is the grocery store. I love the ability to order groceries online and avoid the store, but I’ve also figured out how to maximize my savings.

  • I order online instead of through the app and activate Swagbucks for 2% savings.
  • I pay with our Amazon credit card which earns 5% back in Amazon credit.
  • I submit each receipt to savings catcher through the Walmart App.
  • I submit each receipt to Fetch Rewards

This system has earned an average of $50 back each month for us.

Fetch Rewards

My sister-in-law is always one to find a great deal, and she passed along Fetch Rewards last January. I like to try things out before recommending them, and now that I’m several months in I’m happy to report that this is better than Ibotta!

With Fetch Rewards, you earn some points for everything you buy, but you can increase your earnings by selecting their featured deals for the month. I love this app because it is way less tedious than Ibotta and I’m rapidly building rewards. Use B0HYE  (that’s a zero) for a bonus 2,000 points when you get started with Fetch Rewards!

Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Rewards (and Ibotta)

Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop these days. I have a Kohl’s credit card, and I’m in their rewards program called Yes2You Rewards. I can earn Ibotta money back by shopping through the Kohl’s app on my phone for additional savings as well.

Kohl’s Cash, Kohl’s rewards, and Kohl’s percentages off can be stacked on top of each other. Additionally, there are often additional online deals. While selection can become limited, when choosing store pick up instead of shipping you can save almost $9 on your online order if it’s less than $75.

Kohl’s prices on stables like underwear, socks, t-shirts, and workout clothes are often the same prices as Walmart and Target. I also love their athletic shoes and business casual clothes. Their clearance section is awesome too. I’m personally obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s brand! My guys love that they can get their favorite brands like Nike and Under Armour.

I keep a running list on Google Keep of all the things we need to buy. With growing boys there is always SOMETHING they need replacing! When an email comes through with a sale or promotion, I compare to my list to see if anything aligns. This strategy also works with Christmas gifts. If you know you will be buying your impossible to buy for friend a cute sweater this year get it in October if the deal is right!

If you prefer to shop online instead of through an app Swagbucks also gives a percentage back for shopping at Kohl’s.

Implement Apps into Your Routine

I’m still using many of the ideas I highlighted in December. Check out how I use Smore, Sweatcoin, Achievement, MyPoints and Harris Poll here!

But I’ve taken Swagbucks and MyPoints one step further. I downloaded both apps onto my phone and while I’m working I take time each day to watch videos.

Here’s the link to the Swagbucks App

Here’s the link for MyPoints

Each of these apps has a points cap that can be earned each day, so the commitment is minimal but while I’m working or cleaning I can also be earning points which translates to extra cash!

I’m always looking for new ideas. I’d love to hear your favorite money-saving strategies.