“Close” isn’t Close Enough

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Our vacuum broke. I’d ignored a cracked clip for about a year, convincing myself that Shark vacuums are so high-quality that the fact the canister no longer had an unbroken seal wasn’t a problem. But eventually, our vacuum made it clear that my efforts to keep the carpets clean were no longer working. Instead of sucking up dirt and moving it into the canister, the vacuum spat dirt and debris around the room from different parts of the machine.

The following week, I pulled out my new vacuum and started on our carpets as usual. I was shocked at how firm the grasp on the rug was, but figured I simply needed to adjust the settings. As I moved from our hallway to the living room into better lighting, I gasped. The comparison between our new vacuum’s ability to pull dust from the carpet was outstanding.

clean isn't clean enough

With one sweep of the house, our new vacuum pulled up a month’s worth of dust.

Once I could see the difference, I felt silly that I’d waited so long to replace this important tool.

The suction still partially worked on our old vacuum. But my attempts to “fix” the issue by cleaning filters frequently only prolonged my need to accept the truth.

Because some dirt came up from the carpet each week, I was satisfied with the results. I convinced myself I’d fixed the problem by emptying hoses or cleaning filters because the surface of the carpet stayed clean. But with the right tool, I saw the truth. My efforts weren’t good enough to clean our carpets.

I didn’t need to clean a hose or filter; I needed to replace the whole machine. Close enough wasn’t good enough, no matter how often I convinced myself my broken vacuum was fine.

While it’s easy to see the dirt my carpets were hiding with the right vacuum, it’s harder to see what’s hiding beneath the surface when I face cleaning out my heart. If there’s ever a time I’m liable to convince myself close is good enough, it’s when it comes to dealing with sin.

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