One of My Favorite Coaches’ Wives Groups

I’m writing about some of my favorite coaches’ wives over at The Glorious Table today! Here’s a preview:

One Tuesday evening a month, I spend a few hours with a handful of coaches’ wives over video chat. Our time is mostly spent discussing various Bible studies. We have also celebrated pregnancies, mourned deaths, prayed for job transitions, and confessed our fears to each other. Most importantly, we pray for each other.

Our group leader often says our group exists because we had a need. We were all looking for support from other coaches’ wives who love Jesus. Our individual experiences had shown us we needed the support of other people in similar circumstances in order to grow in our faith.

There is a deep trust within our group, which is interesting because some of us have never met in person. I believe our trust exists because we have a key thing in common: our husbands have challenging public jobs, and there aren’t many safe spaces where we can share about our lives. Since our husbands all work in the same field, we have a common experience that other women who are not coaches’ wives do not easily understand. We speak into one another’s lives in a unique way because of this.

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