Coaches’ Wives are not Single Parents

Football and Family Coaches Wives are not single parents

I’m over at Friday Night Wives today writing about parenting and the coaching life. Here’s a Preview:

“It’s that time of the year! I’m a single parent again!” I winced as my girlfriend mumbled, “Must be nice.” It was supposed to be an innocent trip to the park with a friend who was newly separated. Time for us to talk while our kids played. That single comment from a fellow coach’s wife, meant to be funny, crushed my friend as the reality around her sharpened. Her single parenting days didn’t end in a few months.

As awkward as that moment was, it was a reality check. Even though the season severely limits my husband’s time with our children, I am not a single parent. My friend reminded me it is worth the extra work to include Ordell in as many parenting decisions as possible even in the height of the craziest seasons.

Be honest for a minute here. Without dredging up hard feelings, think about some of the stress points of the season. I’m guessing one of your recent moments where you wanted to pull your hair out involved your sweet coach not helping with the kids. Maybe you had to ask for him to change a diaper while you were cooking when you would have preferred he just realized the baby needed a new diaper?

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