Coaching Football: College vs. High School

2017 was one of the most relaxing years our family enjoyed. We spent the first three months of the year in limbo uncertain of where our family would move. Uncertainty allowed us to stop and look at our lives in a new way. We knew what we disliked the most … Read More

Three Steps to Avoid Burnout Starting Today

I don’t know about you, but moving from months of forced family time with very little to do outside our home to a full autumn, our schedule was more overwhelming than I anticipated. As a football coach’s wife, fall is always our busiest time of year. We know we will … Read More

The Goodbye Challenge

Our son shed his first tears last week regarding our impending move. I knew it was coming, he’s been talking about “next year” increasingly, and the unanswered questions were hanging above our heads. On the way to school, I reminded the boys that they didn’t need to explain anything to … Read More

We Thrive in Community

When I wrote Lessons from the Sidelines, I knew that I wanted to share a variety of stories from many women who went through a journey of clarifying their calling because no two stories would sound the same. I knew that as I shared the amazing lessons each woman learned … Read More

Stay in Your Lane

One of the hardest lessons I continue to learn is that I will never succeed in trying to be all things to all people all the time. You may be thinking, of course, you can’t! That’s crazy! But there are seasons where coaching life is all-consuming and I have found … Read More