Coaching Families 2020 Christmas Wish List

It’s time to start hunting for gifts for your favorite coaching family again! There are two types of gift-givers. Those that opt for cash or a gift card and those that prefer to select gifts that require wrapping and opening. If you are in category number two this list is for you!

Coaching Families 2020 Christmas Wish List

Christmas Gifts for Coaching Families

So one thing to remember with coaching families is that they move frequently. Because of that it’s great to consider practical and useful gifts that are evergreen.

Years ago everyone was giving digital picture frames because they were new. I think they are still the perfect gift for families who move because they can add new photos to their collections without adding nails to walls in every new home.

Check out this Sylvania, 10-inch frame with Bluetooth!

For an extra fun surprise send it with some preloaded photos.

electronic handwarmer

OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 5200mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmer/Power Bank, Great for Outdoor Sports, Hunting, Golf, Camping, Warm Gifts for Women, Men are a great environmentally friendly option to help your cool weather coaches’ wives stay warm in the bleachers.

Of course, regular hand warmers and foot warmers also make great stocking stuffers!

Gifts for Coaches who aren’t Coaching

Coaching families are used to having full schedules and being on the go all the time. With all these stay-at-home orders popping up and restaurant rules, it’s difficult to even have a normal date. Many families are being encouraged to stay home for the holidays this year which will lead to some feeling out of sorts with the loss of traditions. Consider buying gifts that encourage families to spend time focusing on hobbies or developing new skills.

Self-Care Focus

Anything you can do to help anyone remember to take time and rest these days is a gift in itself. There are so many great books that encourage this such as John Mark Comer’s book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry pair that with a practical opportunity for silence such:

Coaches Can Cook (and Smoke and Grill)

I continue to say the BEST gift I ever gave Ordell was a smoker. It was such an amazing gift we recently upgraded to a pellet smoker and grill after watching the clearance sales and now he has more surface space to do his thing.

Here are few tools every great grill master can use:

Grill Gloves

There are a ton of options on these, I suggest getting ones you can throw in the dishwasher because let’s face it, you really don’t want them running through the laundry. This Waterproof, Oil Resistant pair is similar to what Ordell uses.

Digital Thermometer

A great meat probing thermometer will allow you to know when all the meat is ready. I love my Pampered Chef one as well!

Meat Claws

If you love pulled meat sandwiches then it’s worth getting claws to get the right shred. Pork can be especially tough if it’s not smoked properly. Check out these BBQ Dragon Claws.

Toss in some wood chips or pellets along with Omaha meats and sides, and you’ve gifted the entire family a wonderful gift.

Still Hunting for Ideas?

Check out my past gift list! They include small businesses run by fellow coaches’ wives, must have memberships for everyone in the family, and personalized gifts for your favorite family members.

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