Creative Gifts for the Coach’s Wife in Your Life

It might seem early for a Mother’s Day gifts post, but I’m highlighting some items that will take more than Amazon’s 2-day Prime Shipping timeline to receive. There are so many creative and reasonably priced gifts out there these days! Additionally, the longer I reflect on things the more I realize how much more I appreciate unique gifts.

creative gifts for the coach's wife in your life on mother's day

With our last move, we downsized our space which meant choosing only the most important pictures to display and our favorite items with which to decorate our new space. Even with those boundaries, I realized that many of the things I kept over the years I didn’t have any sentimental attachments to because I’d only purchased it to fill a gap in a room. Additionally, I don’t have room for extra things in our current space. Remember, there are zero affiliate links in this post! With those things in mind:

Here’s my list of creative gifts for the coach’s wife in your life:


I love the Friday Night Wives shop! While it’s possible many people won’t “get” the phrasing on some of the t-shirts at first glance, I think they are hilarious. Plus you get to support a fellow coaching family with each purchase.

There stripped Coach’s Wife sweatshirt is a very popular item, but I also love the t-shirts that say “I’m here for the hot coach” and “it’s more than just a game”.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a huge part of our whole family’s daily routine. doTerra vitamins, oils, protein shakes, cleaning supplies and massage blends are all staples.

If your wife has hinted she’s interested in learning more about essential oils get her a diffuser and a few oils. Lavender, Purify, and On Guard are used daily in our home. Does your wife carry tension in her shoulders? Deep Blue will change her life. No Joke.

Fair Trade

I recently got a purse I’ve had my eye on for a few years from Noonday. I’m thrilled with the workmanship and the mission of the whole organization.

Able bags, jeans, jewelry and dresses are all gorgeous and excellently crafted. Able is not only fashion forward, but they are financially forward providing full transparency in salaries.

Sseko Designs is the last fair trade organization I’ll highlight. I’m dying for a pair of their adorable sandals!


Coffee is always a favorite gift. I gave coffee from the Mistobox company for Christmas and had really positive feedback.

Book of the Month is one you the reader in your life will love, but I’ll warn you, the books add up quickly. If your wife insists on “real books only” go with BotM. But, you might find an Audible subscription is more appreciated considering how often coaching families move! While you’re checking out books don’t forget to grab Lessons from the Sidelines!

Fab Fit FunThese boxes are the gifts that keep giving. With adorable seasonal items in each box, your wife will have something to look forward to year round!


There’s nothing like a weekend away to let the coach’s wife in your life know she’s number one in your book. Finding time to take 2 days away is going to take some effort and planning so any getaway will be considered amazing.

  • Get tickets to a show or concert.
  • Head to a festival like Taste of Chicago.
  • Plan a weekend at the spa.
  • Find a hotel with great room service and sleep in.
  • Check out local museums.
  • Find a beach.

Don’t have time for both of you to get away? Send your wife to the spa for a pedicure and massage.

Hand-Crafted Wall Art

If you do have some wall space to fill I suggest going sentimental. Have a family picture put on a canvas, consider a wooden feature piece that highlights your life, or check out these adorable prints!

Don’t Forget About Services!

Maybe this year you need to get a little more practical. Consider hiring someone or doing things yourself. Either way, giving your wife a week off from the daily grind is an amazing gift!

  • Get the garden weeded and prepped
  • Clean the house
  • Take the kids out of the house for the day
  • Have dinner delivered during the week

Go ahead and bookmark this post, while I’ve created this list in time for Mother’s Day, anniversary season is starting too! These gifts are great for either time as well as a birthday. Get a little creative this year with gifts, I think your coach’s wife will appreciate your efforts.