Dear Elijah – Year 14

Elijah Walker

Dear Elijah,

Fourteen years ago you entered the world and forever changed our lives. You taught me in the first weeks of your life that very little of what would happen in the years to come could be controlled, and that where the impulse to control was present my best choice was to pray instead.

In the first weeks of your life, those prayers were for your tiny body to heal from the infection that raged to finally leave. We prayed most for the medicine to do its job and the PICC line removed so we could discharge from the hospital.

We’ve prayed for you to understand who Jesus is and to desire a personal relationship with your Savior.

We’ve prayed for you to make wise choices with friends and to develop good friendships.

We’ve prayed for our relationships with you, that we would parent you well, and guide you well.

Elijah, this year you’ve matured leaps and bounds. Your ability to discern information presented to you rather than blindly absorb any random statement that “sounds good” is something we are so thankful for, and is a skill we pray continues to sharpen.

You’ve also developed a more coachable heart this year. Since your birth, your dad has prayed that you would grow to be a tender-hearted warrior, and part of that requires a willingness to accept guidance. You’ve accepted guidance more this year than ever before and I’m thankful to continue to see that humility grow in you.

This year you’ve continued to embrace your opportunities in youth group. We’re so thankful for the leaders you are around, those that believe in training you to boldly pray. You’ve courageously stepped out and prayed for friends with expectation for healing. I pray you continue to expect to see God move as you pray courageously in the years to come.

You are a few months away from entering high school, one year away from being able to get your driver’s permit, and four years away from college. It’s hard to believe that it is likely there are so few years left with you in our home, and yet, when I think about all that has happened in just the past year leading up to year 14, it makes me so excited to see all will transpire in this next year.

Happy 14th Birthday Elijah,

May this year bring you deeper joy and bolder faith as you continue to develop a coachable heart and spirit of humility. We love you Son.

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