Dear Husband Remember Coaching is a Calling

Dear Husband,

I know this season isn’t exactly what you were planning. Last year, at the end of the season, you looked ahead & imagined a different route for you this season. You have been “in the trenches” a long time, you have seen many changes, and you have coached what I know feels like thousands of games.

You have had long days and nights; you have taped a jillion knees, elbows, and ankles. You have held the hands of both athletes & parents as they were loaded into an ambulance. There have been frightening moments for sure, but there have been exhilarating ones as well.

You have celebrated wins, fretted over losses, and comforted seniors who realize it’s their last game ever. You have been a stand-in parent. You have fed kids, bought equipment, given rides home, and picked them up. You have listened to hurts and frustrations, you have high-fived great news. You have presided over weddings and, sadly, funerals as well. You have rejoiced and mourned over these many seasons. I’ve watched you touch countless lives over the years & I have zero doubt this will continue for many more to come. 

I know that you planned on making some adjustments, making some changes in your year. You felt good about the choice and were looking forward to a new way to spend this part of the season. And then “shoes started dropping,” so to speak. Changes happened that had nothing to do with you. Changes that you had no control over but that you could see would be impacting those student-athletes you care so much about.

I watched you sit back, evaluate, to consider all that was happening. And then you did what I anticipated you would do…you changed your plans. You looked at those kids you know so well as well as the new ones coming up, and you decided to do more than you had planned. You made an adjustment in your plans, in what YOU wanted, to be where you are now. You made the choice to adjust because it was better for the kids you cared about. It’s just who you are, and it’s one of the many reasons I love you, even when you are tired and grouchy after those long, long days and nights.

I’m reminded of Esther when Mordecai told her in Esther 4:14, “It could be that you are here for just a time as this.” I know things are not what you planned, but I know deep in my soul that you are where you are for a reason. We may never see it, or it could be revealed in a major way at some point this season. Either way, I know you are where you are called to be. When you are feeling tired, worn down, maybe even frustrated, please take comfort in knowing that “you are here for such a time as this.”


Your wife

Jana Taylor - Guest Author

Jana Taylor is a coach’s wife who loves using words to encourage everyone she has contact with. I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up! I never imagined that I would be where I am right now, but I’m stretching my wings and trying new things, writing more, and finding my voice. Jana’s encouragement to other wives is, “Do things that scare you. You learn things every time you do!” And her best advice is to remember that quiet time, prayer time, and honest communication keep you sane during any season. Connect with Jana on Facebook!

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