Dear Long Term Planner

Dear long term planner,

Life has been a breeze so far.  Recent college grad, engaged, life has fallen into place smoothly.  You have been blessed with strong women surrounding you; all care deeply for you and mentor you.  Much of what they have said has been recorded for a future day, it doesn’t seem to apply now.  To date, you cannot recall a prayer request that wasn’t answered quickly.  You have had a front row seat watching others struggle, but in the back of your head you assume it was because they needed disciplining.

What you don’t know yet is that life is going to get hard.  Soon you and your new husband will make major decisions regarding career changes, and your two-income household where living in the suburbs of Chicago is easy will be a distant memory.  As a young couple, you will eagerly say yes to the call of ministry in the form of your husband coaching football in a tiny town in southern IL.  Your obedience will be quick and when the move is announced several older and wiser people will earnestly warn you both of the challenges that lay ahead on this path.

You will only half listen to the wisdom being poured over you, and you will find yourself a few months later regretting that.  It will be the first in a long list of regrets attached to your move to southern Illinois, and it won’t even be the biggest one.

Dear Long Term Planner Guest Post

Right now you dreamily talk about your future saying you hunger to stay in God’s will, striving to have actions that match your words.  You desire being obedient, and you do your best to understand what that means, but unfortunately, for you, obedience will be learned in the midst of life, not by reading about it.  Realizing obedience rarely means an easier life will hurt.  The plans you have to be married 5 years before babies come, to have all your collective student loans paid off, well, that plan won’t happen….but you will be ok.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your letter with me! It is a message a need to hear often. God knows the plans He has for me and they far exceed the plans I have for myself!

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