Delight in Honesty

31 Days on Delight


The Lord hates it when people use scales to cheat others. But he is delighted when people use honest weights. Proverbs 11:1

Scales can be used to measure food, or gold, or bodies. When I read this verse in Proverbs, I picture a farmer’s market of sorts. A woman is purchasing produce for her family, and the counterbalance weight used to measure the correct amount of food is the focus.

The counterbalance that is inaccurate and could help the farmer steal money from the woman one option and the correct or accurate weight which will measure the right amount is the other choice. The woman may not know either way. She can view the scale, and it might not harm her family to have a little less food. But that’s not the point. God delights in the choice, to be honest.

I’m participating in Write 31 Days this month. I’ll be writing on Delight. Join me here each day in the month of October for a short reflection on something I’m learning about what God is delighted by, and how delight connects us to him.

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