Delight in Plain People

31 Days on Delight


“When God, who is the best shepherd of all, comes out in the open with his rule, he’ll see that you’ve done it right and commend you lavishly. And you who are younger must follow your leaders. But all of you, leaders and followers alike, are to be down to earth with each other, for— God has had it with the proud, But takes delight in just plain people.”                  1 Peter 5:4-5

Can I get an Amen? Oh, the joy these verses bring to me, it’s hard to contain. Delight comes with a specific boundary in 1 Peter, and it is applicable today as it was back then.

God takes delight in the plain people, NOT the proud. Leaders AND followers are to be down to earth WITH each other. (emphasis mine)

These days the news is so exhausting. It seems that those who call themselves “leaders” would prefer to keep out heart shattered into a million pieces from hate and malice for their own personal gain. The challenge for leaders in every decade is to keep the power of their position from shifting their pride. Many succeed, many fail.

In the Bible, even David, whom God called a man after his own heart, allowed the power of his position as King to get the best of him. Every leader was given a choice to submit to God and fulfill the call on their lives. Each leader God called upon was given an equal gift. God was willing to shepherd every leader, and he is ready to guide us the same way today.

God delights in our decisions to allow him to be the one to lavish praise upon us instead of seeking recognition from those around us. Humility extends to learning from those who are older than us. It extends to learning from those more experienced than us.

When leaders are humble, it delights the Lord.